UKIP MEP: Farage thinks 'women should be in the kitchen or in the bedroom'.

Farage under fire

tbg has been reporting on grumblings from within UKIP and that the membership are getting fed up with Nigel Farages' leadership and claims UKIP has become a cult.

Well, UKIP MEP Marta Andreasen, dubbed the UKIP Leader's 'right-hand gal' has sensationally launched a devastating attack against her boss.

Marta says UKIP is a "dictatorship" led by "Stalinist" Farage who "thinks women should be in the kitchen or bedroom".

The astonishing claims come in an interview with London Loves Business where Andreasen says - "Nigel promotes the people who say yes to him and will be grateful for getting the job and will never contradict him".

"Under his leadership - and I have questioned his leadership obviously a number of times – the party has become a dictatorship. This is a Stalinist way of operating and he doesn’t care about the membership or the grassroots".

Andreasen has big complaints over the UKIP constitution which she says leaves the selection of candidates in the UKIP Leader's hands.

Marta comments - "The new constitution for UKIP has empowered the leader in a disproportionate way. Notably in the election of candidates. It has put the decision in his hands – literally.

"This was a matter of concern for much of the membership who didn’t realise when they were approving the constitution what the essence of the changes was."

Marta Andreasen wasn't finished there and went on to accuse Farage of being a sexist.

"Nigel does not like women. He will not tolerate women that have a certain intelligence. He thinks women should be in the kitchen or in the bedroom. These are the two kinds of women he will respect, not a woman that says ‘things are not as you say and we should follow the rules’.

"Nigel does not like someone who will have reasonable ideas that contradict his ideas. He does not accept any contradiction to his ideas. Basically from day one, since I was elected, he was dismissive of my work."

Farage bottled it regards the upcoming Eastleigh by-election and now says he will not be standing as "grattitude" for the EU referendum announced by PM David Cameron, which leaves one thinking what's the point in UKIP now?

Andreasen shed some light on this and told London Loves Business that Farage - "Couldn’t care less about the membership (of UKIP) and I don’t think that he would allow UKIP to be the party that is going to lead the way out of the EU."

"Farage doesn’t care about getting MPs elected to Westminster and if we don’t get MPs elected then we will not be able to lead the process of leaving the EU.

"We have limited resources so we can’t fight all the by-elections and when we do try and fight all these by-elections there is no way that we can succeed. We should concentrate on three or four places where we have a real chance of winning".

"But now Farage is saying that he wants candidates everywhere for the council elections. It is just a publicity stunt and this is why we get the candidates that we get. We get candidates that go on holiday when the election is going on, or get people who come out with comments which are absolutely against the policy of the party."

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