Tory Youth National Deputy Leader Sarah-Jane Sewell rejects election 'slate'.

Sarah says a mass email to all members has to be done via CCHQ

Sarah-Jane Sewell, for the first time during the CF election campaign, has sensationally & unequivocally rejected claims that she is on an election slate. Independently liberating herself as a National Conservative Future Executive member & candidate for re-election.

Sarah-Jane told tbg she has been accused of providing a Conservative Future Chairman campaign with private email lists but strenuously denies these accusations, saying she does not have access to such databases.

Sarah-Jane said - "I can't give anyone something I don't have".

STATEMENT: "I do not have access to the Conservative Future mailing list, I never have done. You would have all received a lovely email from me if i did - but I don't, as I said in the hustings in the Old Bank of England, I do not have access to Merlin, or the email lists for security reasons. Hence why I rely heavily on Facebook.

"If the national executive want to send a mass email to all members, it has to be done via CCHQ. I want to put a stop to any false accusations of misconduct. It is actually impossible to circulate something that you don't actually have.

"I would also like to point out that I am an independent candidate. I am not on a slate. Happy voting everyone."