EXCLUSIVE: Tory Youth members complain to CCHQ over data sharing scandal.

Robinson camp silent on emailgate

Yesterday tbg reported that some members were up in arms, today tbg has been informed that some Conservative Future members are apparently not at all happy about receiving unsolicited campaign material in their inbox and have taken their case to Conservative Campaign Headquarters.

After news exploded about unsolicited CF campaign emails on Twitter tbg was provided with a link by a CF member to an archived online version of the dodgy email, when we asked to see proof the material exists before any investigation was carried out into the public complaints on Twitter [READ].

tbg can reveal that candidates & members are confused, some angry, as to why they received a Matt Robinson campaign email when they never signed up for one. Some now say they will make official complaints to CCHQ over the issue.

Louisa Townson from UCL Conservatives has gone on record and told tbg - "Personally, I plan on complaining. I see no way Matt Robinson could have my email. I haven't signed up for anything, he hasn't even visited a UCL Tories event yet. Either he got my address through another CFer, which I'm personally uncomfortable with, or this is a CF mailing list violation."

CF'er Samantha Hoy told tbg - "When you look at bottom of email it has option to unsubscribe. When you click it says you have been removed from 'CF members' clearly and obvious breach here! Not impressed."

National Leader hopeful for the Tory Youth Wing Matt Robinson ignored questions on Tory Youth data privacy in his Live Q&A last night, which may make for a bumpy ride at tonight's hustings in Birmingham.


Former UKIP Youth Chairman:

UPDATE 14:54 - OFFICIAL COMPLAINT: Jennifer Salisbury Jones

Subject: Breaches of data protection - mailing lists
To: conservative.future@conservatives.com

To whom it may concern,

I have recently received an email from Matt Robinson, a candidate for CF chair. I have never met Matt, and have certainly never given him my email address (nor to any other member of his campaign).

This is my university address, it is findable online but only if you look very hard, use unusual google operator functions or similar - this would take time, dedication and patience. I do not believe that Matt would have found the email this way (given the number of people emailed it would be an irrational amount of time to spend on one email).

Matt would have no reason to email me specifically as I have been actively and publicly helping the campaign of other candidates - this was a mass email - it used a mailing list.

Kindly look into this blatant breach of the data protection act. Matt's emailing of such a number of members will have given him a significant unfair advantage and such actions should not be tolerated.

Kind regards,

Jennifer Salisbury Jones