EXCLUSIVE: Tory Youth Leader candidate Paul Holmes invokes attack ads in Central London battle.

tbg can bring you undercover snaps and the first look inside the bloodiest Conservative Future national election during debate hustings happening right now at The Old Bank of England, London.

Paul Holmes has sensationally held up the attack ads [pictured above] that have circulated online about him. With his opponents surrounding him Holmes asked the packed venue - "Who is responsible for this?"


Inside the Tory Youth National election Central London hustings:

[PHOTO] National Deputy Chairman (Membership) debate

[PHOTO] Charlotte Argyle is a no-show for the hustings, Robert Manning makes a speech for Deputy Chairman (Political)

[PHOTO] Oliver Cooper puts his case to the Tory Youth Brigade at The Old Bank of England a few minutes ago

[PHOTO] National Chairman candidate Matt Robinson in action during the debate


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