Tory Youth join 'No' campaign in historic Cardiff Student Union NUS referendum.

Cardiff Conservative Future are to campaign for a "No" vote in an historic Cardiff Students' Union NUS referendum. Voting on the issue will likely be held in March/April.

The official No2NUS campaign says on its website that it is independent of political parties. It makes points such as:

"The charming faces you see on this page are all members of parliament. They all voted in favour of tuition fees. And just a few years ago, they were all presidents of the National Union of Students. The most recent (Jim Murphy - Lab., Eastwood) left the job just three years ago. We cannot trust the present and future NUS leadership not to betray students in the same way."

"NUS is run by people who are members of political parties. Holding high office in NUS lets politicians through the backdoor into their own party's hierarchy. NUS decision-makers therefore have political agendas and the union is being abused by people who use it to feather their own political nests."

The Cardiff Tory Youth Wing CF have joined the "No2NUS" campaign and are facing fierce "Yes" campaign during the referendum fight.

tbg approached NUS President Candidate Peter Smallwood for comment. Peter was unavailable for comment.