EXCLUSIVE: Tory Youth Chair' hopeful slams 'devious attack' against him.

James Deighton has sensationally rubbished rumours that he is about to quit the race to become the next Tory Youth Leader.

James said - "I can confirm that I am not pulling out of the race nor have I ever made the suggestion that I would."

Deighton told tbg - "I expect smears and whispering campaigns’ verging on bullying", he went on to say the perpetrators of the storytelling have launched "a pretty devious attack against me."

"Whoever fed you this story should be ashamed of themselves." - said the National CF Chairman candidate.

James went on - "I have received a lot of smears and attacks against me in all my years in CF. I usually just brush it off as the usual rubbish. The difference this time is that I went out of my way to be open with the group organising the hustings about what is a private family matter. I explained to them why I was not able to commit fully to that hustings and why I had to pull out today."

"I will add to this by saying that my grandfather has been suffering from long term illness for a while and he was admitted to hospital this week for something that is potentially life threatening. I am distressed enough as it is without having to deal with things like this."

It seems Deighton isn't going anywhere!