Top UKIP'er says CF is an 'after-school club for rich kids'.

The Deputy Editor of Independence Home and UKIP Bolton Branch Chairman has labelled Tory Youth members outside the M25 as "leaflet fodder".

The outburst came in an article on The Backbencher that was, quite amusingly, attempting to link Labour Party values with those of UKIP and its Youth Wing, Young Independence (YI).

The YI member went on to call the Tory Party toxic saying - "Many working class people in these areas wouldn’t vote Conservative if you put a gun to their head. The brand is toxic, irrespective of how many baby seals Cameron saves. But as we’ve seen, given the chance and with a decent campaign, they will vote UKIP. They do so because they see in us what they used to see in Labour before the Islington Set took over."

Then the UKIP'er launched a scathing attack on members of the Conservatives Youth Wing, Conservative Future -

"Young Independence can lead the way in this. Conservative Future never had a chance of making in-roads because they were/are a London Centric after-school club for rich kids. If you’re a young Tory and unlucky enough to live outside the M25 you are little more than leaflet fodder."

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