The Curious Case of 'Gavin Cook' & the Tory Youth Smear Campaign: Part Deux.

A day of U-Turns at The Old Lion

Many may remember tbg's first report on 'Gavin Cook' in January linking him to the Tory Youth Wing's smear campaign against candidate for National Chairman, Oliver Cooper.

'Gavin' today admitted that he indeed did create and distribute an advert about Oliver Cooper's 'links' with UKIP, in a vicious attack article over on The Old Lion.

In the statement on the Tory Youth Chairman candidate Matt Robinson's supporting blog, 'Gavin' shares quite a bit of knowledge and information about Oliver Cooper. Yet, nobody seems to know who this chap is from our investigations.

'Gavin Cook' could keep up with things online, though this political internet fiend & political attack ad guru doesn't seem to have a Facebook account and has only used Twitter on three occasions (up until today) since he joined in Jan 2013. Each time focusing his interaction with online Tory media outlets, Alexandra Swann, Paul Holmes and Oliver Cooper.

'Gavin' interacted with The Old Lion once before it was announced on the 18th of February he'd be in an interview with them. 'Gavin' interacted with tbg several times asking to publish his toxic material, he did not ask The Old Lion publicly on Twitter.

'Working Class Gavin' showed much support to Paul Holmes during his Twitter tirade in January, but in his attack article he calls on CF'ers to support any other of the three candidates. 'Cook' also backtracks on Cooper's links with UKIP saying - "To be clear, this is not about UKIP-links", even though that was the central focus of his smear campaign and criticism of Cooper on Twitter.

'Cook' becomes very personal and attacks Cooper's personality saying the CF Chairman candidate would bring a "cloak and dagger" atmosphere & culture, calling Oliver the "King of spin".

tbg would finally like to draw attention to the article text, assuming this was not a face-to-face interview, it reads as a statement, and no question was initially set, an anomaly seems to occur:

Old Lion:

'Gavin Cook':