Swansea CF President slams 'demanding' emails and declares autonomy.

Leader of Swansea Conservative Future has slammed heavy handed tactics used by some Tory Youth election candidates in order to gain endorsements and refuses to endorse any candidate saying - "National Conservative Future committee has had no tangible effect on my branch whatsoever".

President Tom Giffard also says he detects unkind tones in emails received from candidates asking for allegiance, but have never visited Swansea outside of election time - "Some of the persons who ask for endorsements and meetings (again, not all) have neither attended nor attempted to attend any Swansea Conservative Future meetings or events until election periods."

Giffard also says - "I have received numerous emails from various candidates asking either for endorsements, or meetings with my branch to ask questions.

"The tone of (not all) but some emails is rather demanding and make it seem as though I should be honoured to be graced by the presence of a candidate for national elections and put on specific events for times when they happen to be in South Wales [sic]".

"I would recommend that if candidates wish to win the votes of any of my members, that they attend an organised event and are more than welcome to do so."

Giffard added - "Frankly, we’ve been an autonomous branch as we’re situated in an “unfancied” part of the world, and have thrived"

So much for unionism.

Swansea CF has been so successful they even have a football team.

UPDATE 10:46pm:

It has been sensationally revealed to tbg that Swansea Conservative Future had previously endorsed Matt Robinson for Conservative Future Chairman via Twitter -

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