Simon Harley is Best Practice for Conservative Future.

tbg can today reveal it's backing Simon Harley for National Conservative Future Best Practice Officer. Simon has shown vision, purpose and desire with fine clarity on his website and in his manifesto.

Simon Harley has taken part in an exclusive tbg Q&A session where he reveals more about himself and his candidacy - including his desire for Cherry Pepsi Max.

What was on the cards for consumption this morning?

"Multiple mugs of coffee. I need at least two to wake up properly and set me up for the morning. Maybe a bowl of cereal, or else I'll get a sandwich from a local deli I frequent in town (a fantastic small business which is expanding)."

You’ve have a lot of life experience already reading your blog, how has all that shaped you?

"It's made me believe you can whatever you want to do so long as you persist, persist, persist. I'm a great listener, and I like helping people. I've also ended up with a perverse sense of humour and a truly vicious wit when the occasion calls for it. I'm also a strong Law and Order guy, although I'm not quite sure where that came from."

What do you do in your day-to-day life?

"See if my father needs anything when I get up, check emails and social media, see what news has broken whilst I slept. Head to work in town after a brisk walk through the countryside to the bus stop a mile away. Work is inventorying old British motorcycle parts – a filthy and often backbreaking job. Get back home, relax, see what else my dad needs doing. Do some reading, maybe watch some TV, call a friend. Hopefully get some naval history done. Exciting times!"

List your top three policies for the upcoming CF election? In your opinion.

"I want to properly define the role of Best Practice as the professional face of the National Executive, something analogous to General Counsel and Company Secretary on the boards of big companies.

"Constitutional Reform and making the constitution fit for purpose which allows us to look at; C.F.'s relationship with the Party, with the members, how the National Executive is organised and elected, and much, much more. We need a consultation with the members to sort out how we want this done.

"Massively expanding Best Practice literature so as to cover all subjects which are important to the running of Conservative Future; starting branches, campaigning, recruiting, using social media.

"Anyone in C.F. should be able to tap into the wealth of knowledge which we have accumulated through years of hard experience."

Simon, what is your favourite fizzy pop beverage?

"Cherry Pepsi Max. Has that extra something you just don't get from other sugar-free colas!"

Why do you want to be CF’s Best Practice Officer?

"Because I believe I'm the best qualified person for the job. It's still the least defined role on the National Executive and I want to make something of it that will benefit not just C.F. in the present but the Party and the Country in the long run.

"After all, we are the Conservative Future who one day will hopefully be running this country, be it in government, public service or in business. Best Practice is admirably well-placed to shape that course."

Who are you voting for CF National Chairman?

"In the immortal words of Number Two in The Prisoner, “that would be telling."