Rowell launches Yorks & Humberside Tory Youth Chairman bid.

Following Sarah Nazer's announcement that she will not be seeking re-election for Yorkshire & Humberside Conservative Future, tbg can reveal that Chris Rowell wants to Lead the region.

In a statement to tbg Cllr Rowell says - "I'd like to announce my candidacy for Regional Chairman of Yorkshire and Humber CF. Sarah has been a truly excellent Chairman and will be a tough act to follow."

Rowell continued - "Those of you whom I've had the pleasure of working with in the party know I'm a committed campaigner, having organised several regional campaign days and attended many more.

"Should I be elected I will continue YHCF's Super Saturdays, providing a much needed boost to our candidates in marginal seats. We must also encourage our branches to hold their own campaign days and act in support of their associations. Elections aren't won in the weeks preceding them, but over months and years, by doing the groundwork early and keeping up the pressure.

"I have many other ideas for how we can improve Yorkshire CF and improve our chances in 2015, which I will share with you over the coming days."

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