Robinson declares CF Chairman race is 'back in the playground of youth politics'.

Front-runner for National Conservative Future Chairman Matt Robinson has hit out rival camps and their "desperate" attempts to derail his campaign.

tbg had earlier reported on accusations of discrepancies in Robinson's manifesto regards his time spent in the USA campaigning with Young Republicans and photo's on social networks showing him at the Democratic Party Convention.

tbg can exclusively reveal Robinson's no-nonsense response to the allegations where he makes no apologies for attending the convention:

"While I think it is absurd I should have to explain a three year old photograph taken out of context, I thought it best to put the record straight.

"Friends in the California Young Democrats invited me to attend the 2010 California Democrats State Convention in Los Angeles. While it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience attending the conference, it hardly constitutes campaigning for the Democratic Party, and neither should personal photographs taken in good humour.

"In addition, participating in the conference helped broaden and reinforce my own conservative political views. Political experiences like this one motivated me further to explore the nuances of policy, and led to my researching internship at the non-partisan, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars that summer in Washington, DC.

"It should also be noted, while living in California I campaigned in favour of 'Proposition 14', a vigorously contested 2010 Republican Party sponsored state-wide ballot initiative for open primaries, which was championed at the time by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

"I make no apology for my attendance of this political conference, nor should I have to. People should look at the article for what it is, a desperate attempt from another candidate to discredit my candidacy for Conservative Future National Chairman. So much for all those 'clean' campaign commitments, it would appear we are definitely back in the playground of youth politics now."