Robinson to Fight for his Political Career at Q&A Amid Emailgate Allegations.

Data sharing scandal in Tory Youth Wing elections

According to this years national elections Returning Officer CCHQ was not going to help candidates contact the electorate directly, saying - "You will be able to provide a profile which will be placed on the online voting site for voters to read. Other than that this will be the only way for you to officially communicate with the electorate, there will not be any official hustings."

It says at the bottom of Robinson's campaign email "You are receiving this email because you are a member of Conservative Future".

One may take from the Returning Officer's comments that every candidate would have to run a real grassroot campaign and create their own support base, through their own hard work and ability to sign supporters up to directly receive campaign material.

And understandably members tell tbg they don't want their emails available to campaigns they haven't signed up to.

So where did Robinson get his email lists?

As Matt Robinson is set to face a Live online CF Q&A session this evening, one CF'er has alerted tbg to a hashtag campaign on Twitter - #cfprivacyMATTers

[VIEW] Matt Robinson Live Q&A 7pm