Robinson commits himself to one-term in manifesto.

Robinson releases his CF manifesto

Conservative Future National Leader candidate Matt Robinson has tonight revealed his full manifesto to tbg, which he says is - "An achievable, practical, and sustainable seven-point plan".

The Robinson manifesto includes a focus on localism, campaigning & elections and Unionism. Matthew also sensationally commits to serving just one term if elected saying "If elected, I shall not seek re-election to the position of National Chairman".

Achieving all aims in one term is quite a challenge that Robinson has set for himself if he were to take the crown of Tory Youth Leader.

Matthew Robinson told tbg - "The commitments I put before the Conservative Future membership if I am elected as National Chairman are aimed to be achievable, practical, and sustainable.

"As I set out, it is not my view that the National Executive exists to step in and replace the work of Branches/Areas/Regions, but to support them. With this in mind, I believe the role of National Chairman is to be not that of Chief Executive Officer of the organisation, but to be both available to all members, and to be approachable."

Matt Robinson Conservative Future Chairman manifesto 2013 by theBlueGuerilla