Rahman launches Tory Youth National Deputy Chairman Membership campaign.

Jasmine with Birmingham University CF last night

Jasmine Rahman last night sensationally announced that she intends to run for Conservative Future National Deputy Chairman (Membership) in Tory Youth Wing elections this March.

The event at Jewel in Covent Garden included a posh vodka luge, Jasmine face-masks, #TeamJasmine nightclub style bracelets & free drinks. The swarve affair has been widely hailed as the hottest party of the election so far.

The healthy contest will now see Jasmine facing Ellie Vesey-Thompson and current Tory Youth National Deputy Chairman Sarah-Jane Sewell who is looking for a second term on the Tory Youth Wing National Executive.

Conservative Future Leader candidate Oliver Cooper told tbg - "It's great to be at #TeamJasmine's launch for CF Deputy Chairman (Membership). Miss Rahamn would shake things up and listen to every single member."