EXCLUSIVE: "No games, no gimmicks" Gabriella Giles in National CF Deputy Chairman bid.

As the Tory Youth Brigade gather at The Old Bank of England in Central London for a "Bloodthirsty" hustings, tbg can reveal that London Conservative Future Deputy Chairman (Political) Gabriella Giles is set to launch a National Executive bid.

Giles is said to be set to run for Tory Youth National Deputy Chairman (Membership), under the slogan - "No games, no gimmicks, just Gabriella".

The experienced Gabriella Giles exclusively told tbg - "I have had some fantastic experiences and opportunities within CF and want to be able to encourage others from across the country to do the same.

"We have a great collection of local branches up and down the country, and we need to encourage those to grow and support their local associations in a capacity other than just campaigning.

"I would like to introduce a sofa-surfing scheme to allow members who want to travel away from home, so they can afford to attend events, be that campaign days, or socials.

"We need to take advantage of local knowledge to support events and drive membership, so I would like to work alongside local and regional branches to create fun, interesting and affordable events.

"Nothing flashy, just common sense. No games, no gimmicks, just me!"