Low income households should receive higher rate of housing benefit.

Iain Duncan Smith is absolutely right to argue for a better and fairer housing benefit system after figures recently showed that, thanks to the mess left behind by Labour, the overall budget has risen by 71.8 per cent in less than a decade.

The DWP Secretary is also right to work hard to ensure the hard working tax payer is not over-burdened and that those on a low income don't fall into a poverty trap.

I suggest Mr Duncan Smith continues to encourages work rather than welfare dependency by making sure that everybody pays 20 per cent of their housing costs regardless of whatever benefit they are on.

And secondly, I suggest that we use some of the savings from this by making changes to the current rates at which those on low income see their benefit reduced.

At present for every pound earned over £76, those on a low income lose 65% of their housing benefit and I suggest this is reduced to 50% instead.

The DWP Secretary has done the right thing by scrapping Council Tax Benefit because we all use the same services but I suggest he continues to make work pay and discourage the welfare dependency that was all too apparent under Labour by seriously considering my ideas too.

Given that the hate preacher Anjem Choudary is clearly fit for work but that due to his hate preaching is almost certainly not seeking work but instead undermining the state we live in then at the very least he should be arrested under the Public Order Act and stripped of his benefits.

We need to get tough on this shameful style of culture once and for all and ensure that a clear message is sent to anyone else thinking of engaging in such activity.