Lib Dems' broken promise on boundary changes.

"Fairness demands constituencies that are basically equal in size... There can be no justification for maintaining the current inequality between constituencies and voters across the country."

Words spoken by the Deputy Prime Minister who recently voted, in spite of his comments, against the reduction of the number of Members of Parliament from 650 to 600 and the equality of constituency sizes, as did Mr Ed Miliband I might add.

At a time when the Government is cutting back on administration and costs across the whole of the public services, why is Mr Clegg voting against his Party’s own manifesto pledge of slashing the number of MPs and their associated costs worth £13.5 million per year?

Instead, his Party have not only failed to follow through on this crucial spending cut for taxpayers but has also wasted several millions of pounds worth of our money by initially voting for the Boundary Commission to undertake a study into reducing the number of MPs and equaling constituency sizes and then later voting to drop the whole idea when the findings of that study no longer suited their political aspirations.

At the General Election the Liberal Democrats pledged to reduce the number of MPs by 150.

By voting to retain the largest legislature in the world with the exception of the Chinese Assembly the Liberal Democrats have once again failed to relate their electoral rhetoric to their actions in power.