Jasmine Rahman will reveal her gems at Jewel.

This Monday will see Jasmine Rahman launch her campaign for the Tory Youth Wing National Executive. The launch will occur in Central London at Jewel Bar in Covent Garden.

It is still unclear which position Rahman is standing for, or even if she is standing at all. Some say Jasmine will take the easy road and opt for Best Practice Officer role, though some have speculated also about both Deputy Chairman roles and even plots of a sensational bid to become the next Leader of Conservative Future.

Jasmine told tbg - "All hidden gems will be revealed at Jewel on Monday... Come along to meet Team Jasmine! Stay classy, stay cool, stay #teamjasmine"

tbg asked Jasmine if she was definitely standing for a National Executive position to which she replied - "If you can't convince them, confuse them".

Quite what all this means, is anyone's guess.

Monday might be lining itself up as an interesting night for the Tory Youth Brigade.

Attend the event