Harley wants Tory history lectures for CF'ers.

Tory Youth Wing's Best Practice Officer Candidate Simon Harley has revealed he would like to introduce nation-wide Conservative history lectures. Harley plans to make the lectures accessible to as many CF'ers in the UK as possible, in association with the Conservative History Group.

Harley told tbg - "Yesterday I detailed my campaign pledge to massively expand Best Practice publications in time for the start of the next academic year. Today I'm pledging something completely different.

"My love of history is well-known, and I believe that Conservative Future can and should play a major part in educating our membership on the history of the Conservative Party. What this Party has achieved, both good and bad, has defined this country for better or for worse and the better we understand our history the better informed our future choices will be.

"Consequently I am proud to announce that I pledge to inaugurate a series of nationwide lectures on Conservative History for CF, in association with the Conservative History Group.

"Anything which educates our members is but a step in the right direction."

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