Harley launches Tory Youth election bid and targets professional behaviour.

Seasoned activist Simon Harley has launched his bid to become the next Tory Youth National Executive Best Practice Officer.

The former Deputy Chairman of Leeds Conservative Future (CF) and current Secretary, Yorkshire and the Humber CF holds lots of experience in politics and business internationally, having traveled extensively through Europe and America.

Having first joined CF in 2004 Harley was actively involved by 2006 and has spent six years with Leeds CF and has held six different positions.

As well as continuing his climb up the political ladder, the self confessed British Royal Navy boff Harley says he is currently trying to join the Army.

Simon exclusively told tbg - "Today I launched my campaign to be the next Best Practice officer on the National Executive. In the next few days and weeks I will be expanding upon my manifesto at voteharley.com and outlining my vision for Best Practice.

"Quite simply, C.F. needs to be more professional about the way it goes about doing things, and I will be explaining why that's the case and why I am the right man for the job.

"I'm looking forward to a good race with Messrs. Corbridge and Cope and any other candidates, and I'm absolutely sure that our little corner of the election won't descend into anything which will bring shame on C.F. Incidentally, the subject of professional behaviour will be one of my topics during the campaign, as I feel it falls very much within the purview of Best Practice."

Visit voteharley.com