George Galloway labels Boris a 'chicken' for rejecting boxing match.

George Galloway has called out Mayor of London Boris Johnson and branded him a "chicken" after the Mayor turned down a charity boxing match against the Respect MP for Bradford West.

The boxing promoter organising the charity event concluded that Boris usually has his arse smacked then "kissed better" and has "never been in a fight in his life".

London Loves Business reports that boxing promoter Andy Prokopp proposed the idea to Galloway and Boris. Whilst George Galloway accepted apparently without hesitation, Boris wasn't so forthcoming.

Even the Amateur Boxing Association were "happy to conduct the proceedings", according to Prokopp.

Promoter Prokopp said - "It’s a lovely venue, the idea was that if Boris says yes, I could just go and get the newspaper and television people and the money from that would go to charity".

"Boris sent me an email on Thursday afternoon saying he basically declined on this occasion... Boris might have only ever had his arse smacked and kissed better afterwards and never been in a fight in his life, which is maybe why he declined."

The event is said to have an exclusive card, including Hollywood stars that are ready to compete such as actor Ray Winstone.

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