EXCLUSIVE: Vesey-Thompson says decentralisation of CF events is key.

Ellie wants to burst the bubble

Ellie Vesey-Thompson is running for Conservative Future (CF) Deputy Chair' (Membership) and has exclusively revealed her feelings about the upcoming election in a Q&A with tbg.

Ellie also talks about the need for the CF National Executive to keep all members in mind and spread its wings much more often outside of London, her love for pink lemonade and who she is backing for National Tory Youth Leader.

What was for breakfast?

"A slice of brown toast and Marmite, scoffed on my way out of the door, then hot chocolate and jammy dodgers as a slightly later ‘brunch."

Did you attend Jasmine Rahman’s launch this week?

"Unfortunately, along with the majority of the CF membership I struggle to get to London events at the best of times, and particularly on weekday evenings. I am sure there are many others who were unable to make it who are interested in hearing what Jasmine had to say, and it is unfortunate that she has so far been unable to launch her full website so we can find out."

What do you think of your opponents and their campaigns?

"We have a vibrant combination of personalities in all of the elections this year. However, this is not about them, or even about me. CF elections are about the wishes of the members; their chance to select the candidates they feel will best represent them on the National Executive. It is shameful how many were not given the chance to express this last time, and being one of those who did not get a vote in deciding the current National Executive, I sincerely hope that this is not the case again!"

What you fav’ fizzy pop beverage?

"Really depends on my mood and the weather. But Pepsi and Pink Lemonade are definitely up there!"

What do you think CF needs to concentrate on as an organisation?

"I really think it’s time we started to think about the different needs of all members a lot more, and bring members back in as the central focus. Many have said it, but the decentralisation of CF events to enable engagement from all members across the UK is really key. We have members all over the place who struggle to get to events that are always located in London."

Who are you backing for CF Chairman?

"I am undecided as to whom to vote for myself, and have decided not to back any candidate publically. I will not become part of, or back, any ‘slate’. I am an individual candidate here with the hope of representing the thousands of individual members we have. We have a number of good candidates standing for all positions this year, and it is encouraging to see some healthy competition, leading to members getting a far better deal offered by all!"

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