EXCLUSIVE: UKIP Youth Leader Candidates Begin Jockeying for Position.

tbg can exclusively reveal information regarding the UKIP Youth Chairman elections on the horizon after UKIP sacked its former Youth Chairman Olly Neville for supporting gay marriage.

Sources have told tbg that the UKIP Youth Wing, Young Independence (YI), may have at up-to five players in the game vying to become its next Leader.

tbg can exclusively reveal that Sanya-Jeet Thandi is said to be considering standing and has wide support amongst members.

tbg approached Sanya for comment asking if she was going to stand for UKIP Youth Leader - "...Because you wish I was going for YI chair? Wait and see bro, wait and see", Sanya-Jeet responded.

Speculation around recently failed NEC candidate Sean Howlett standing for YI's top job is rife but YI insiders say that after apparently facing accusations of unfairness toward YI Yorkshire, Howlett may lack support needed to win.

Other contenders include Peterborough based UKIP LGBTQ* Chairman Thomas Booker who has garnered much support since his UKIP LGBT event. The YI caretaker Chairman Rob Comley is also said to be keen on standing.

YI are looking to improve their image after it was dragged through mud, ripped apart and hung out to dry with #OllyShambles and having a pub brawl in a Skegness boozer. One witness to the bar brawl labelled them "a bunch of Hooray Henry's" in the national press claiming that during their visit to the pub -

"They said they’d get the place shut down. They were lairy and one told a member of staff he was a barrister who’d ensure that he never worked again – all for asking him to be quiet."