EXCLUSIVE: Tory Youth Best Practice candidate Simon Harley wants term limits abolished.

tbg can reveal that top CF'er and candidate for Tory Youth Wing's Best Practice Officer Simon Harley wants to abolish term limits and implement fixed 12 month terms.

Harley says the Conservative Future constitution is in a bit of a muddle as it refers to "annual elections" and states National Executive Members could serve up to four consecutive terms whilst a Chairman can only serve two.

In May 2012 Simon took his concerns to a member of the Party Board and discovered that no one was actually taking responsibility for the fifteen month tenure.

Simon Harley exclusively told tbg:

"This election has rumbled on for far too long. Make terms shorter and remove the term limits and I believe we'll take a great deal of the desperation and nastiness out of them. Even if people start jockeying for position for the next election the moment the ballot closes, that's still three months' less for them to make fools of themselves.

"For my part, I pledge to hold office for only one term on the National Executive if elected Best Practice officer. If I can't accomplish what I want for the role and for the party in twelve months then I wouldn't deserve another term anyway. It means I've got a target date for what I want to achieve, and a ticking clock is one hell of a force for change."

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