EXCLUSIVE: Team Jasmine issue urgent statement from hospital bed on 'vicious rumours'.

Rahman slams rumours and is set to release manifesto next week

tbg can tonight publish an urgent statement issued by the Tory Youth Wing's hopeful National Deputy Chairman (Membership) Jasmine Rahman, whom is currently an NHS inmate.

"As some of you maybe aware I have become unwell and passed out at a few CF events recently, the reason for this is due to a personal health issue that is currently going through diagnosis; this sometimes causes me to pass out and require hospital treatment - in-fact I am writing this from a hospital bed at the moment.

"This rarely happens and diagnosis is coming along well but, as anyone would expect, I believed people would respect my privacy and show restraint and discretion to this rather than comment and spread vicious rumours around.

"It saddens me that I have had to publicly mention this, but feel I have no choice but to quash the unfair comments about me and to reassure everyone that this has no bearing on my ability to fulfill the role of National Deputy Membership should you elect me.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank the National Chairman candidates; Matt, Oliver and Paul, who have supported me in this issue and would like to extend the thanks to those who have helped me in the unfortunate episodes in the past few weeks.

"I hope that after reading this, we can end the personally upsetting rumours and comments and provide me the privacy and discretion on a personal matter - a core underlying Conservative value.

"Looking forward; I can't wait to have the opportunity to meet more dedicated members of Conservative Future and am personally excited to publicly release my manifesto in the coming days!

"As always, Stay classy, Stay cool, Stay #TeamJasmine!


UPDATE 09:00 Monday 18/02/13

CF's National Deputy Chairman and election opponent Sarah-Jane Sewell has released an exclusive statement to tbg this morning regarding "systematic character assassination" toward Jasmine Rahman:

"I am deeply disappointed, as most of us are, to see some of the abhorrent comments being left regarding Jasmine on the comments pages. I would like to repeat once again that I have not, and will not, engage in any smears - never mind venomous and unfair personal attacks - against any of my opponents.

"It is my strong belief that elections are won or lost on genuine battles of ideas, not on a systematic character assassination. I would implore whoever is behind these posts to cease at once. You are only causing unnecessary stress and worry to all concerned.

"Furthermore, I would like to add my voice to the chorus of well wishes in hoping Jasmine has a swift recovery and makes a return to full health."