EXCLUSIVE: TBG Poll of Polls Shows Tory Youth Leader Three Horse Race.

tbg can reveal its conclusive Poll of Polls with information collected during Tory Youth election hustings for National Chairman.

Figures show the Conservative Future Leader Election, which is turning into a right humdinger, is locked in a 3 Horse race with Oliver Cooper leading Paul Holmes and Matt Robinson, respectively.

Poll of Polls:

Oliver Cooper 44%
Paul Holmes 27%
Matt Robinson 25%
James Deighton 4%


Oliver Cooper has the highest attendance rate at national election hustings and seems to have the lead but analysis of projected voting patterns is difficult due to abstentions.

Not included in these figures however were online polls which as far as tbg can tell are now all offline. They were:

The Old Lion (Oliver Cooper was leading), Dash Tory (Oliver Cooper was leading) and Conservative Companion (Paul Holmes was leading).