EXCLUSIVE: Stephen Canning stands for National CF Deputy Chairman Political.

Top CF'er and writer Stephen Canning has announced to tbg that he intends to run to become the Tory Youth Wing's next National Deputy Chairman (Political).

tbg caught up with Stephen for some tea and biscuits as he prepares for tonight's national election hustings in Birmingham.

Why are you launching your candidacy now?

"I’ve never been a fan of the long trailing campaign that takes place before nominations have even opened. It just seems to lead to candidates attacking one another at a time when we should be focused on other things. Today seemed like a perfect day as I’ll be attending the University of Birmingham CF’s hustings and it seems apt to launch a campaign that centers around moving decisions out of London and into a local level outside of London."

Your campaign seems to focus a lot on reducing the number of decisions taken at executive level, can you expand?

"Certainly, this is the main thrust of my campaign. I want to effectively strip away most of my own decision making powers if elected and hand those as far down the chain as I can. I do believe in national planning and a national framework as I have outlined briefly when I described my aims to create a national Conservative Future campaigning strategy but this national strategy must be built around the needs, demands and wants of local CF branches, areas and regions."

Who is your campaign team and when will we be seeing a manifesto from you?

"One of the thing I, and I believe others to, dislike about Conservative Future elections is the how they’ve become far too professionalised. Although this is an organisation many of us love and something that is very important to many of our members we must maintain a sense of perspective. We are running for election for the youth wing of a political party and not for President of the United States.

"I’ll try as much as can to have my campaign reflect that fact and as such I won’t be having a campaign team. Of course I’ll have friends who give me the odd piece of advice or help me organise an event but there’s no need to have such a professional set up - at the end we are in CF to enjoy being in CF and let’s not ruin that.

"Of course I’ll be launching a clear outline of exactly what I want to achieve and why I’ll be trying to achieve that and will hope to launch this in the next week. However my manifesto will be geared more around structural changes I wish to make than specific projects as my candidacy is very much centered around handing power down and only working on issues or projects that CF members actually want me to.

"For now my leaflet, available at canning4dcp.com outlines five key aspects of my candidacy, I’ll be participating in tonights University of Birmingham hustings and I’m always willing to answer questions via email at stephen@canning4dcp.com."

Canning4dcp Leaflet