EXCLUSIVE: Questions over Matt Robinson's email lists.

CF'ers are up in arms today over an email sent by the Matt Robinson campaign.

One CF'er in an opposing election camp expressed he couldn't understand how he was on Matt's campaign email list having never recalled submitting his address - "I just got an email from him and I'm hardly going to be on his list".

More CF'ers Tweeted

Matt Robinson is beginning to have to rush to defend himself on Twitter.

All this raises the question where exactly did Matt Robinson get his email lists from? Well, it says at the bottom of the email "You are receiving this email because you are a member of Conservative Future".

A CF'er who wished to remain publicly anonymous approached tbg for comment -

"A lot of my members, and other CF'ers from different regions have been complaining about the fact that Robinson's camp have been sending emails, without asking permission to do so first.

"More importantly though, CF members are concerned and angry that Robinson can have access to the database, and other candidates can't. This is very unfair. The current Chairman should remain impartial."

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