EXCLUSIVE: Matt Robinson stands down from Tory Youth Leadership race.

In a sensational twist in the Tory Youth election, Matt Robinson has stood down from the race to become the next Conservative Future National Chairman, tbg can reveal.

Matt hit the ground running with a well thought out and principled plan for Conservative Future, he must be commended for his energetic efforts by his peers, he is an asset to the Tory Party.

Matt Robinson said - "Unfortunately due to increasing professional commitments I have withdrawn my candidacy for Conservative Future National Chairman with immediate effect.

"I would like to thank all those who have supported my campaign, and I wish all candidates the best in the forthcoming election."

Matt Robisnon's commitment to Conservative Future & the Tory Party is not thought to be in doubt after his decision to step aside. After lagging in recent polls the campaign also battled with questions over its email lists.

CF National Chairman candidate Oliver Cooper commented earlier today - "I would refuse to use the data if I did have access to it. It's been suggested that the other candidates should be allowed to use the same database. However, a second illegal abuse of members' personal information doesn't make up for abusing it in the first place. Two wrongs don't make a right."

"If we want to restore the trust of CF members, candidates have to be level with them, not just make it level between themselves. Because if the members lose, no candidate wins."

tbg wishes Matt well in his future endeavors.