EXCLUSIVE: 'Tory Talent' Jasmine Rahman Declares Campaign 'Full Steam Ahead'.

tbg can exclusively reveal its #TeamJasmine Q&A session in which much sought after 'Tory Talent' politician Jasmin Rahman declares she's back on track to become the next Tory Youth National Deputy Chairman (Membership).

After a bout of illness Rahman talks about her belief that she is strong enough to take a supporting lead in the Tory Youth Wing and reveals her flagship policy to tbg.

Jasmine also reveals she enjoys to lay-in, or salmon in the mornings and that she's still looking for her perfect Toryboy.

So, what was for breakfast today?

"I’m not really a big breakfast eater as I’d much rather have a bit longer sleeping… but when I’ve time smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels are always a winner, or pancakes & Nutella!"

You told tbg you just got out of hospital, is that having an impact on your campaign efforts?

"There’s never really a great time to fall unwell so it’s all been a matter of trying to fit CF commitments around getting better. Unfortunately not being on top form has meant I haven’t been able to make it to all the hustings and my website launch has been delayed, but I can assure everyone that now that I’m on the mend my campaign will be full steam ahead from here on!"

What do you say to those critics who think you are not strong enough to take a lead in CF as its supporting striker?

"As a Conservative I’m a passionate believer in the importance of hard work and supporting those whom have worked hard and become successful. Since joining the party I have made connections with CF branches across the country and this is what really sets me apart.

"I study in Durham, live in Birmingham and spend time in London, so I’m well located geographically to be close to many CF branches.

"A Conservative is passionate, ambitious and hard working. Everyone has their own personal challenges to overcome and my experience in event planning and within the party speaks for itself as to why you should all vote for me for Membership. It’s the right choice for CF."

Jasmine, what's you fav' fizzy pop beverage?

"Make mine a lemonade... or disco water if there’s a party."

What's your flagship manifesto policy?

"I’d say my flagship policy is about making CF more accessible by broadening membership to reflect the wide spectrum of our party as well as attracting new members or those who may have defected. Launching the CF app is definitely going to be a key factor in increasing membership!"

What do you think of your opponent’s campaigns' and ideas?

"It’s terrific to see so many people contesting the position. There are lots of great ideas emerging, which I'm sure is because the competition is discouraging complacency and whoever wins, I'm sure will really improve CF membership if the ideas outlined in manifestos are introduced.

"At the end of the day I care about the Party first and foremost and whichever candidate wins I think it would be a credit to ensure the ideas of any runners up are looked into too."

tbg is aware that alot of people would like to know if you are single?

"Haha oh tbg that’s very flattering! All I can say to that is catch me if you can! Being a Tory, it’s all about finding Mr Right and there certainly are an awful lot of charming Toryboys..."