EXCLUSIVE: Howlett rallies Tory troops for Eastleigh polling day.

Over 100 Conservative Future activists turned out on Sunday in the battle for Eastleigh

Eastleigh will go to the polls tomorrow to choose its next MP. Maria Hutchings is the candidate for the Conservative Party and is fighting the Lib Dems and a UKIP surge.

It'd be a remarkable feat for a mid-term government, that has an austerity program, to win a by-election and Conservative Future Leader Ben Howlett has called on Tory activists to get out on the streets of Eastleigh tomorrow in mass.

Howlett told tbg - "Polling day in the Eastleigh by-election is upon us and we need CF to lead from the front and help with Get Out The Vote tomorrow.

"In Maria Hutchings we have a local candidate who will work hard for the people of Eastleigh and will be an MP they can trust - and with our help we can make sure that Eastleigh elect the MP that they deserve.

"Please could everyone contact all members and activists and encourage them to come down to Eastleigh tomorrow to help. All offers to help should be emailed to campaign.support@conservatives.com."

tbg can reveal the Conservative Party will have two campaign offices open from 6am tomorrow in Eastleigh:

Southern Parishes Conservative Club, The Hill, Upper Northam Close, SO30 4BZ

Mitchell House (opposite Eastleigh train station), Southampton Road, Eastleigh, SO50 9XA