EXCLUSIVE: CF Best Practice candidate set to clean up Tory image with Code of Conduct.

tbg can reveal that Tory Youth Wing Best Practice Officer Candidate Simon Harley wants to make sure CF'ers don't get into ant bar brawls like their UKIP Youth rivals, with a Code of Conduct for organised Party events.

Sources say Harley is set to put it forward during a membership consultation on his proposed Conservative Future (CF) constitutional review with basic standards, as Harley himself is said to have commented - "No spitting, no shitting, and no hitting in public".

Sources close to the close Harley camp say Simon is set to announce - "Best Practice isn't just about doing things professionally; it's also about acting professionally. I believe that Conservative Future has an obligation to its members and to the Public to maintain the highest standards of behaviour."

The Code of Conduct is speculated to set a standard for Conservative Future members to adhere to at events which are hosted by Conservative Future and its constituent organisations or the Conservative Party.

The code may include:

- Say nothing which brings the Party into disrepute
- Do nothing which brings the Party into disrepute
- Show courtesy and respect to your fellow members and members of the Public

CF Best Practice candidate Simon Harley is also set to say - "I'm perfectly aware that sometimes members like to have a little fun and perhaps get carried away in the pursuit of a good time, but by and large we do so in such a way as nobody gets hurt and our dignity and reputations remain intact. That is the standard we should be aiming for, and one that I argue ought to be embodied as a foundation of our constitution.

"Breaches of this code of conduct would automatically be referred to C.C.H.Q. for action, either directly or by the level of Conservative Future to whose attention they are brought in the first instance."

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