EXCLUSIVE: Ellie Vesey-Thompson says its a 'shame' rivals didnt make hustings.

Ellie helping out in Eastleigh

Ellie Vesey-Thompson is running in the Tory Youth Wing elections to become their next National Deputy Chairman (Membership). tbg caught up with Ellie today, she has been busy with CF election hustings and campaigning n Eastleigh.

Ellie reveals how she think she performed during the debates, whether she thinks she can win and if she received any unsolicited Conservative Future emails last week.

Can see you've been busy in Eastleigh?

"I’ve been helping with the Eastleigh campaign as often as possible. I was down there both Thursday and Sunday last week and am picking up the phone whenever I can. I am hoping to get down for the final push this week, but not sure if timings will work out, so may have to stick to the phone instead which is a shame. It’s great going there, the atmosphere is fantastic and everyone is so enthusiastic.

"Whilst a Conservative win is clearly the goal, I do not think we should be at all deflated if this doesn’t happen, the amount of volunteers we have had willing to put in so many hours- both on the streets of Eastleigh and on the phone- is really encouraging to see. No other party has had nearly so much response from its members, and this shows we are ready to fight in 2015!"

You took part in hustings recently, how did you think you & your opponents performed?

All the hustings I have been to have been great - my thanks go to all the organisers.

"I think candidates for all positions have been performing well, and it was great to have some active debate for the Membership position in London. It’s a shame that the other three candidates were unable to make other hustings events, as it’s good for members to hear from everyone, but I understand it can be hard and there are many reasons for their absence.

"I really enjoy meeting and chatting with members and answering any questions they have, it’s important that we engage across the country, and I am attending as many hustings and other events as possible to help that. The quality of performances is more down to interpretation of members though."

Did you get an email from Matt Robinson?

"I remember getting something in my inbox, although I have to be honest and say I didn’t read it! I’ve been having so much through that needed answering and so haven’t paid much attention to group mail.

"It was nice to see Matt engaging with a wider fan base online last Thursday though, I think it’s important to give as many members as possible the opportunity to speak to candidates, and that was a great way to do it, especially for those who can’t travel too far."

Do you think you can win?

"I think all candidates for Membership are strong this year. It’s also really encouraging to have so many standing; giving members so much choice, and forcing candidates to up their game and offer members a better deal due to the strong competition.

"Whether or not I can win shall soon be decided, I have received good responses at events, and had a fair level of support, but at the same time I have seen strong support for rivals too. Either way I have really enjoyed travelling around and meeting members from many different regions, and partaking in some lively discussions."

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