EXCLUSIVE: CF National Chairman candidate James Deighton launches campaign online.

tbg can exclusively reveal tonight that James Deighton has officially launched his campaign website after much speculation that he may quit the race. This now seems far from the case as James takes to the waves to deliver a strong message to Conservative Future (CF) members on a new website and Facebook page.

James told tbg he has had "an amazing two years on the National Executive" and he hopes that Tory Youth members can put their trust in him once again, but this time for the top job at Conservative Future.

Deighton commented: "I will use the extensive experience that I have gained from my time on the exec, as well as the many other roles I have held in CF, to get things up and running quickly and successfully [sic]."

James today said he wants a CF where everyone is treated with respect - "I am as sick as I’m sure you are by all the smears and lies that are flying around during this campaign. I have never, and will never engage in these tactics. My message to everyone is that it has to stop."

James slammed rumours of his exit from the Tory Youth Wing National Leadership election race on tbg this past week and today told tbg -

"I have faced a wide spread whispering campaign from almost the moment I announced my intentions to run for chairman. Saying that I did not have it in me to run for the chairmanship and that I would likely drop out. Well let me tell you here and now that I have never backed down from a challenge in my life and I don’t intend to start now."

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