EXCLUSIVE: CF Chairman hopeful Matt Robinson manifesto claims under fire.

[PHOTO] Robinson with (super)hero Barack Obama

There are accusations of discrepancies over Conservative Future's National Chairman candidate Matt Robinson's manifesto and claims about his time spent in California, USA with Young Republicans, tbg can reveal.

It has been highlighted that the document may be sexed-up Right Wing style under the section for 'Policy, Debate, and International Co-operation' when the manifesto says -

"As Regional Chairman I recognised the importance of working with centre-right friends like Young Fine Gael and the Young Unionists, and while studying in California I took the opportunity to campaign with the California College Republicans. As National Chairman I shall continue this and ensure Conservative Future retains and further builds on our positive rapport with centre-right friends in international alliances, such as the International Young Democrat Union and the European Young Conservatives."

Matt Robinson attended and was pictured [PHOTO] at the Democratic Party Californian Convention in 2010 on social media donning his convention pass and a California Young Democrat t-shirt, he even posed with well-known Democrat and the 25th United States Secretary of labour, Hilda Solis [PHOTO].

A concerned CF member told tbg - "I know that a lot of CF members support the US Democrats and like Obama but saying Robinson has spent his time helping young Republicans is a bit hypocritical when he was doing exactly the opposite.

"I am not from anyone's campaign and I am undecided who to vote for but based on **** like this I certainly won't be supporting him."

While there seems to be mistrust from the tbg source about the manifesto claim, it is unclear whether Matt Robinson mingled with Republicans and Democrats but neglected to mention the Democrat bit. Considering the enthusiasm for Obama across the international political spectrum its hard to suggest why this might be the case.

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