EXCLUSIVE: Ellie Vesey-Thompson slams 'cruel' bullying tactics.

Conservative Future Deputy Chairman (Membership) candidate, Ellie Vesey-Thompson, has released a statement to tbg regarding comments made about rival Jasmine Rahman by some members of the Tory Youth Wing.

Ellie says - "It is with regret that I feel I need to write this, but unfortunately due to the actions of some on many of the blogs, it has become necessary.

"I am very disappointed by the unsavoury and cruel comments that have been posted regarding Jasmine's illness. I have not and will not partake in or endorse any such behaviour, and deeply hope that those authors may put a stop to this.

"I fully appreciate that Jasmine has a medical condition, and I send my well wishes her way for a full and speedy recovery, as I did on Friday night.

"Seeing as many candidates have expressed dislike of and unwillingness to participate in smear campaigning of any kind, I would hope that supporters of all will take this on board. To any who comment on the blogs and expect an instant reply from any candidate, I would suggest that it would work far better for you to contact them directly, rather than posting anonymously on one of the many sites. I am sure I do not just speak for myself when I say that candidates do not have the time to sit on the blogs all day, waiting to reply to criticising comments.

"We are all Conservatives, and we are all fighting for the same cause; a Tory majority in 2015. Any efforts wasted in nasty campaigning would be put to far better use by fighting the real opposition.

"I would encourage any and all who have both the time and energy to sit online 'trolling' blogs and leaving nasty comments, to instead make their way to Eastleigh and help ensure a win for Maria and the Conservatives."