Labour Cllr on sick leave still attends Council meetings.


Some may recall tbg's story about Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson spending thousands on his own spin doctor.

Today it was exposed that Anderson's office manager & spin-doctor is on sick leave, trouble is he's also a Rochdale Labour Councillor whilst he's been throwing a sickie in Liverpool.

Councillor Richard Farnell is the Labour Cllr for Balderstone and Kirkholt in Rochdale and he's miraculously managed to attend 26 out of 29 meetings at Rochdale council since last May.

[READ] Spin-doctor at centre of probe over sick leave

EXCLUSIVE: CF Leader Candidate Massacres Rivals Campaign Tactics in 'Most Brutal Election'.

Candidate for National Conservative Future (CF) Chairman James Deighton has sensationally torn into his rivals campaign tactics in and exclusive tbg Q&A session.

James says there have been too many smears and its the most brutal contest he can remember. Deighton answers if he thinks the Tory Youth Wing are taking his bid to be Chairman seriously.

James also reveals to tbg what kind of CF he wants to create, and insight into his love life and that he like a nice hot cross bun in the morning.

What did you eat at breakfast today?

"As I start work early each day I don’t devote much time to breakfast. I usually just grab a slice of toast and a cup of tea. Although at this time of year a toasted hot cross bun is always a nice treat. I enjoyed a particularly good one this morning."

How do you think your campaign is going?

"I’m pleased with my campaign and I believe it’s going well. I am fighting a clean campaign that is focusing on the issues that affect CF members and engaging with them about what they would like our organisation to be like. My manifesto which I published last week is full of practical and easy to implement policies that I think will help to make CF a more accountable, united, and truly national organisation.

"I am spending as much of my free time as possible visiting branches across the regions and talking to the members. That’s what I wish to concentrate on. I want to create a national CF that is closer to the membership, a team that gets out there and engages with people like never before.

"Sometimes I feel that there is too much of a focus on the candidate’s personalities rather than on what they stand for and what they would do for CF. This election is all about serving the ordinary, hardworking members up and down this country and we must always strive to serve them and their needs."

Do you think the Conservative Future electorate are taking your campaign seriously considering your low polling at recent hustings?

"I would definitely say so, yes. I would not have been elected twice to the national executive as the best practice officer if people did not take me seriously.

"There are many extenuating circumstances that explain all these hustings results that would take all evening to go through. I will point out however that I don’t travel with a team or corral people into attending the hustings. I just put in the effort to be there and answer the members’ questions.

"People appreciate the level of commitment I have shown to CF and the fact that I have experience at all levels of CF. Having held branch, area, regional, and national offices. You can be assured that whatever level of CF you are at, I have been there. I know the needs and challenges that you face first hand. That we all face together.

"I have put myself and my manifesto to the vote twice before and on both occasions I won. The fact that I was re-elected to that office shows that I did a good job and fulfilled all my promises to the electorate. I am a man of my word and I always keep my promises. I won’t say or promise things to people that I won’t deliver for a few votes. Trust is very important to me and I promise people that if you put your faith in me I won’t let you down."

What's your favourite fizzy pop beverage?

"I like most forms of pop but I usually opt for that old classic Coca Cola. Although in the words of the BBC other forms of cola are available."

What do you think of your rival's campaigns'?

"Having been involved in national CF elections for a few years now I can without doubt say that this has been the most brutal election I can recall. There have been far too many attacks and smears and not enough focus on the candidates records and pledges. To use that old football analogy people seem far too keen on playing the man and not the ball.

"Last week we saw a huge amount of accusations being thrown at Matthew Robinson and the emails. I do not know whether this was a breach of the D.P.A. or not. As a fellow member of the exec I concur with others that we don’t have member’s data or emails to access. I voiced private concerns to Matthew about this based on what people who received these emails told me but I did not make any public statements on the matter. I don’t wish to make capital out of other people’s mistakes or jump on bandwagons. I feel that in some cases my opponents displayed far too much glee in Matthews’s troubles. As far as I’m concerned the principle of innocence until proven guilty applies.

"Having said this I really don’t wish to dwell on my opponents and their campaigns. How they choose to conduct their own affairs is up to them but it is quite obvious that they all seem to be to varying degrees mired in the proverbial. I reiterate that I am fighting a clean campaign and unless people can produce proof of their allegations I tend to just ignore it.

"People won’t forgive those they see as smearing their opponents for their own advantage. We are all in the same party after all. Whoever wins the election will have to work with everyone in CF and if there is an issue of trust then CF will be damaged by it."

Can you win?

"I think that I’m well placed to do so and where ever I visit I get a good response from the members. Even those that say they are backing another candidate wish me well. Elections are never over until the ballots are counted and we are a few weeks away from that yet so we will just have to wait and see.

"Having served the majority of my time in CF in the Midlands and the North of England, I am a true regional candidate. My candidacy brings a fresh perspective to what has been traditionally a London centric CF. My candidacy is an opportunity for CF to address this imbalance and show that we as a party take the Regions seriously.

"With Robinson’s departure from the race I feel that I’m well placed to represent his previous supporters as a big supporter of the regions and the localism agenda. I will work extremely hard to bring them and others on side.

Are you single? "Yes I am. CF is a harsh mistress at times and takes up a lot of my time. Especially of late ;) Who knows what fate has in store."

[READ] James' Manifesto

Follow James on Twtter - @VoteDeighton

Ken Livingstone thinks Ed Miliband is the next Margaret Thatcher.

Ken also says he wants Dave to 'publicly eviscerate' George

Former Mayor of London Ken Livingston has remarkably compared Ed Miliband to Margaret Thatcher.

In an interview on London Loves Business Ken Livingstone said Miliband was capable of transforming Britain.

"The parallels you need to look for are with Thatcher. Thatcher didn’t care what people thought of her. She had an agenda and was determined to drive it through…the world is looking for another way forward and I think Ed Miliband has that", said Livingstone.

In the same article Livingstone advises Prime Minister David Cameron to "publicly eviscerate" George Osborne and replace him with ex-Tory chancellor Ken Clarke.

EXCLUSIVE: CF Best Practice candidate set to clean up Tory image with Code of Conduct.

tbg can reveal that Tory Youth Wing Best Practice Officer Candidate Simon Harley wants to make sure CF'ers don't get into ant bar brawls like their UKIP Youth rivals, with a Code of Conduct for organised Party events.

Sources say Harley is set to put it forward during a membership consultation on his proposed Conservative Future (CF) constitutional review with basic standards, as Harley himself is said to have commented - "No spitting, no shitting, and no hitting in public".

Sources close to the close Harley camp say Simon is set to announce - "Best Practice isn't just about doing things professionally; it's also about acting professionally. I believe that Conservative Future has an obligation to its members and to the Public to maintain the highest standards of behaviour."

The Code of Conduct is speculated to set a standard for Conservative Future members to adhere to at events which are hosted by Conservative Future and its constituent organisations or the Conservative Party.

The code may include:

- Say nothing which brings the Party into disrepute
- Do nothing which brings the Party into disrepute
- Show courtesy and respect to your fellow members and members of the Public

CF Best Practice candidate Simon Harley is also set to say - "I'm perfectly aware that sometimes members like to have a little fun and perhaps get carried away in the pursuit of a good time, but by and large we do so in such a way as nobody gets hurt and our dignity and reputations remain intact. That is the standard we should be aiming for, and one that I argue ought to be embodied as a foundation of our constitution.

"Breaches of this code of conduct would automatically be referred to C.C.H.Q. for action, either directly or by the level of Conservative Future to whose attention they are brought in the first instance."

Follow Simon on Twitter @simonharley

Miliband should have blocked Eastleigh candidate O'Farrell.

I find it absolutely astonishing that Ed Miliband can be even considered to be a future Prime Minister given his appalling stance as regards the Labour Party Candidate in the Eastleigh By-Election.

If Mr. Miliband had any credibility he would have blocked John O'Farrell from being a candidate for Labour at all.

After all, this is a man who has effectively spoken up for terrorism, whilst in the same party that declared a "war on terror" when it was in power.

What this in itself exposes is not only Ed Miliband's poor judgement but also how the Labour Party have themselves shifted even further to the left since 2010 and in the process made Labour just as unelectable now as they were in the 1980's.

EXCLUSIVE: 'Tory Talent' Jasmine Rahman Declares Campaign 'Full Steam Ahead'.

tbg can exclusively reveal its #TeamJasmine Q&A session in which much sought after 'Tory Talent' politician Jasmin Rahman declares she's back on track to become the next Tory Youth National Deputy Chairman (Membership).

After a bout of illness Rahman talks about her belief that she is strong enough to take a supporting lead in the Tory Youth Wing and reveals her flagship policy to tbg.

Jasmine also reveals she enjoys to lay-in, or salmon in the mornings and that she's still looking for her perfect Toryboy.

So, what was for breakfast today?

"I’m not really a big breakfast eater as I’d much rather have a bit longer sleeping… but when I’ve time smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels are always a winner, or pancakes & Nutella!"

You told tbg you just got out of hospital, is that having an impact on your campaign efforts?

"There’s never really a great time to fall unwell so it’s all been a matter of trying to fit CF commitments around getting better. Unfortunately not being on top form has meant I haven’t been able to make it to all the hustings and my website launch has been delayed, but I can assure everyone that now that I’m on the mend my campaign will be full steam ahead from here on!"

What do you say to those critics who think you are not strong enough to take a lead in CF as its supporting striker?

"As a Conservative I’m a passionate believer in the importance of hard work and supporting those whom have worked hard and become successful. Since joining the party I have made connections with CF branches across the country and this is what really sets me apart.

"I study in Durham, live in Birmingham and spend time in London, so I’m well located geographically to be close to many CF branches.

"A Conservative is passionate, ambitious and hard working. Everyone has their own personal challenges to overcome and my experience in event planning and within the party speaks for itself as to why you should all vote for me for Membership. It’s the right choice for CF."

Jasmine, what's you fav' fizzy pop beverage?

"Make mine a lemonade... or disco water if there’s a party."

What's your flagship manifesto policy?

"I’d say my flagship policy is about making CF more accessible by broadening membership to reflect the wide spectrum of our party as well as attracting new members or those who may have defected. Launching the CF app is definitely going to be a key factor in increasing membership!"

What do you think of your opponent’s campaigns' and ideas?

"It’s terrific to see so many people contesting the position. There are lots of great ideas emerging, which I'm sure is because the competition is discouraging complacency and whoever wins, I'm sure will really improve CF membership if the ideas outlined in manifestos are introduced.

"At the end of the day I care about the Party first and foremost and whichever candidate wins I think it would be a credit to ensure the ideas of any runners up are looked into too."

tbg is aware that alot of people would like to know if you are single?

"Haha oh tbg that’s very flattering! All I can say to that is catch me if you can! Being a Tory, it’s all about finding Mr Right and there certainly are an awful lot of charming Toryboys..."

Tory Youth national election ballot put back 7 days.

Conservative Campaign Headquarters and the Youth Wing's National Executive have announced a revised timetable for the current explosive Conservative Future national elections.

The opening of the online ballot has been put back 7 days along with the declaration being delayed, now taking place on the 25th March rather than the 15th.

CF Chairman Ben Howlett told tbg - "Due to campaigning commitments we are having to revise the CF election timetable. Nominations have closed and will not reopen."

New #CFElects 2013 timetable:

- Monday 11th February - Opening of nominations
- Monday 25th February - Close of nominations at noon
- Monday 4th March - List of valid candidates published at noon
- Friday 8th March - Last time for a candidate to withdraw at 5pm
- Monday 11th March - Opening of online ballot
- Monday 25th March - Close of online ballot at noon
- Monday 25th March - Declaration of ballot at CCHQ at 5pm

EXCLUSIVE: Howlett rallies Tory troops for Eastleigh polling day.

Over 100 Conservative Future activists turned out on Sunday in the battle for Eastleigh

Eastleigh will go to the polls tomorrow to choose its next MP. Maria Hutchings is the candidate for the Conservative Party and is fighting the Lib Dems and a UKIP surge.

It'd be a remarkable feat for a mid-term government, that has an austerity program, to win a by-election and Conservative Future Leader Ben Howlett has called on Tory activists to get out on the streets of Eastleigh tomorrow in mass.

Howlett told tbg - "Polling day in the Eastleigh by-election is upon us and we need CF to lead from the front and help with Get Out The Vote tomorrow.

"In Maria Hutchings we have a local candidate who will work hard for the people of Eastleigh and will be an MP they can trust - and with our help we can make sure that Eastleigh elect the MP that they deserve.

"Please could everyone contact all members and activists and encourage them to come down to Eastleigh tomorrow to help. All offers to help should be emailed to"

tbg can reveal the Conservative Party will have two campaign offices open from 6am tomorrow in Eastleigh:

Southern Parishes Conservative Club, The Hill, Upper Northam Close, SO30 4BZ

Mitchell House (opposite Eastleigh train station), Southampton Road, Eastleigh, SO50 9XA

Holmes Cranks up the Heat on Cooper in Electric Tory Youth Leadership Race.

Paul Holmes campaigning in the Eastleigh by-election yesterday

The Conservative Future election was blown wide open today when candidate for Chairman Matt Robinson dramatically bowed out of the contest.

Candidate for Leader of Conservative Future Paul Holmes released a statement this afternoon repeating his desire to empower the grassroots, promise transparency & accountability and task CF to deliver a Conservative majority in 2015. Holmes says he's keen to work even harder to meet as many CF'ers as possible over the coming month.

In the statement, released on his website, Paul Holmes says - "Matt was kind enough to discuss his reasons for withdrawing, and his vision for Conservative Future with me yesterday evening. His achievements as Regional College Chairman have been many, but the need to focus on his legal career at this time is understandable. Matt has contributed much to the debate during this election and I hope we will have his input again in the future."

"Now with a month left until the results are announced, I will work even harder to convince you that I have the right principles, policies and vision to drive us forward. Our focus has to be on helping to deliver that Conservative majority in 2015, empowering the grassroots and delivering both transparency and accountability at all levels.

"Recent polls suggest that a majority of you share my vision and I intend to continue to meet and debate with as many of you as possible, to understand what you want from Conservative Future."

KCL Tories to hold posh cash-bar shindig with Home Secretary Theresa May.

The Home Secretary is due to join Kings College London Tories on the 30th of April in a top secret posh Central London location, tbg can reveal.

The suave exclusive Tory cash-bar event is set to include sophisticated nibbles and tbg can exclusively reveal it us being touted as current External Relations Officer and KCL Chairman candidate Yazdan Chowdhury's flagship shindig for his potential Chairmanship.

KCL Tories say - "The Venue will be in Central London and for security reasons will only be released to attendees 24 hours prior to the event. Again for security reasons, you will be required to bring photographic ID with you."


[VIEW] More details on Facebook

EXCLUSIVE: Matt Robinson stands down from Tory Youth Leadership race.

In a sensational twist in the Tory Youth election, Matt Robinson has stood down from the race to become the next Conservative Future National Chairman, tbg can reveal.

Matt hit the ground running with a well thought out and principled plan for Conservative Future, he must be commended for his energetic efforts by his peers, he is an asset to the Tory Party.

Matt Robinson said - "Unfortunately due to increasing professional commitments I have withdrawn my candidacy for Conservative Future National Chairman with immediate effect.

"I would like to thank all those who have supported my campaign, and I wish all candidates the best in the forthcoming election."

Matt Robisnon's commitment to Conservative Future & the Tory Party is not thought to be in doubt after his decision to step aside. After lagging in recent polls the campaign also battled with questions over its email lists.

CF National Chairman candidate Oliver Cooper commented earlier today - "I would refuse to use the data if I did have access to it. It's been suggested that the other candidates should be allowed to use the same database. However, a second illegal abuse of members' personal information doesn't make up for abusing it in the first place. Two wrongs don't make a right."

"If we want to restore the trust of CF members, candidates have to be level with them, not just make it level between themselves. Because if the members lose, no candidate wins."

tbg wishes Matt well in his future endeavors.

EXCLUSIVE: UKIP Youth Leader Candidates Begin Jockeying for Position.

tbg can exclusively reveal information regarding the UKIP Youth Chairman elections on the horizon after UKIP sacked its former Youth Chairman Olly Neville for supporting gay marriage.

Sources have told tbg that the UKIP Youth Wing, Young Independence (YI), may have at up-to five players in the game vying to become its next Leader.

tbg can exclusively reveal that Sanya-Jeet Thandi is said to be considering standing and has wide support amongst members.

tbg approached Sanya for comment asking if she was going to stand for UKIP Youth Leader - "...Because you wish I was going for YI chair? Wait and see bro, wait and see", Sanya-Jeet responded.

Speculation around recently failed NEC candidate Sean Howlett standing for YI's top job is rife but YI insiders say that after apparently facing accusations of unfairness toward YI Yorkshire, Howlett may lack support needed to win.

Other contenders include Peterborough based UKIP LGBTQ* Chairman Thomas Booker who has garnered much support since his UKIP LGBT event. The YI caretaker Chairman Rob Comley is also said to be keen on standing.

YI are looking to improve their image after it was dragged through mud, ripped apart and hung out to dry with #OllyShambles and having a pub brawl in a Skegness boozer. One witness to the bar brawl labelled them "a bunch of Hooray Henry's" in the national press claiming that during their visit to the pub -

"They said they’d get the place shut down. They were lairy and one told a member of staff he was a barrister who’d ensure that he never worked again – all for asking him to be quiet."

Vote Stephen Canning Conservative Future National Deputy Chairman (Political).

tbg is tonight throwing its weight behind Stephen Canning for the Tory Youth Wing National Deputy Chairman (political) position.

There are some fantastic candidates to choose from such as the unique choice Kris Burnett, the very capable Charlotte Argyle and relentless loyal activist Robert Manning. CF'ers are spoiled for choice this election year.

Cllr Stephen Canning set up Braintree CF six years ago and has shown attributes that match those of his competitors, he is also a fantastic orator and writer.

His classic campaign and easy to understand 5-point plan includes simply ensuring that volunteers remain well briefed.

Also, a recognition/reward system for CF'ers campaign efforts and a plan for 2015 making sure Conservative Future are a force to reckoned with "ensuring the campaigning infrastructure is capable of moving volunteers around the country to where they’re most needed and most effective."

Simple and effective ideas.

Canning also recognises that the Tory Youth Wing - "suffers reputational difficulties and sometimes doesn't function as we all hope [sic]" - wonderful throat cutting honesty. He was also recently labeled "an oily shite from Braintree" by Twitter celeb @OldHolborn, in response to his campaign launch on tbg.

This is why Stephen Canning must be elected the next Conservative Future National Deputy Chairman (Political).


[VIEW] Stephen Canning campaign website

Follow Stephen on Twitter - @Canning_

Tory Youth National Deputy Leader Sarah-Jane Sewell rejects election 'slate'.

Sarah says a mass email to all members has to be done via CCHQ

Sarah-Jane Sewell, for the first time during the CF election campaign, has sensationally & unequivocally rejected claims that she is on an election slate. Independently liberating herself as a National Conservative Future Executive member & candidate for re-election.

Sarah-Jane told tbg she has been accused of providing a Conservative Future Chairman campaign with private email lists but strenuously denies these accusations, saying she does not have access to such databases.

Sarah-Jane said - "I can't give anyone something I don't have".

STATEMENT: "I do not have access to the Conservative Future mailing list, I never have done. You would have all received a lovely email from me if i did - but I don't, as I said in the hustings in the Old Bank of England, I do not have access to Merlin, or the email lists for security reasons. Hence why I rely heavily on Facebook.

"If the national executive want to send a mass email to all members, it has to be done via CCHQ. I want to put a stop to any false accusations of misconduct. It is actually impossible to circulate something that you don't actually have.

"I would also like to point out that I am an independent candidate. I am not on a slate. Happy voting everyone."

TBG announces sky high hits.

theblueguerilla today released figures into record breaking hit rates for the young online political magazine based in the UK.

tbg's visit count has been climbing since last year and has received a total of 31,458 hits in the past 20 days with 55% of that figure being unique.

The highest hit rate comes from the 25-35 age group, followed by the 18-25's then 35-50.

theblueguerilla has said it "will continue to bring the world quality and unique analysis of the British political scene."

EXCLUSIVE: New Cooper attack ad circulating.

tbg can reveal the latest piece of vicious creativity from the Tory Youth Wing via a URL circulation. The attack ad comes as Conservative Future (CF) Leader Candidate Oliver Cooper received many superlatives for his performances during national Conservative Future election nation-wide hustings.

The ad, uploaded and published online via an anonymous website, is an over-the-top attempt at imitation-Esq of the recently infamous Sunday Times magazine. All three candidates have been victim of attack ads over the past few days in an electric race for CF's top job.

Oliver Cooper has faced repeated speculative attacks on his character and integrity, stemming from his Daily Mail endorsement, during the campaign.


EXCLUSIVE: Ellie Vesey-Thompson says its a 'shame' rivals didnt make hustings.

Ellie helping out in Eastleigh

Ellie Vesey-Thompson is running in the Tory Youth Wing elections to become their next National Deputy Chairman (Membership). tbg caught up with Ellie today, she has been busy with CF election hustings and campaigning n Eastleigh.

Ellie reveals how she think she performed during the debates, whether she thinks she can win and if she received any unsolicited Conservative Future emails last week.

Can see you've been busy in Eastleigh?

"I’ve been helping with the Eastleigh campaign as often as possible. I was down there both Thursday and Sunday last week and am picking up the phone whenever I can. I am hoping to get down for the final push this week, but not sure if timings will work out, so may have to stick to the phone instead which is a shame. It’s great going there, the atmosphere is fantastic and everyone is so enthusiastic.

"Whilst a Conservative win is clearly the goal, I do not think we should be at all deflated if this doesn’t happen, the amount of volunteers we have had willing to put in so many hours- both on the streets of Eastleigh and on the phone- is really encouraging to see. No other party has had nearly so much response from its members, and this shows we are ready to fight in 2015!"

You took part in hustings recently, how did you think you & your opponents performed?

All the hustings I have been to have been great - my thanks go to all the organisers.

"I think candidates for all positions have been performing well, and it was great to have some active debate for the Membership position in London. It’s a shame that the other three candidates were unable to make other hustings events, as it’s good for members to hear from everyone, but I understand it can be hard and there are many reasons for their absence.

"I really enjoy meeting and chatting with members and answering any questions they have, it’s important that we engage across the country, and I am attending as many hustings and other events as possible to help that. The quality of performances is more down to interpretation of members though."

Did you get an email from Matt Robinson?

"I remember getting something in my inbox, although I have to be honest and say I didn’t read it! I’ve been having so much through that needed answering and so haven’t paid much attention to group mail.

"It was nice to see Matt engaging with a wider fan base online last Thursday though, I think it’s important to give as many members as possible the opportunity to speak to candidates, and that was a great way to do it, especially for those who can’t travel too far."

Do you think you can win?

"I think all candidates for Membership are strong this year. It’s also really encouraging to have so many standing; giving members so much choice, and forcing candidates to up their game and offer members a better deal due to the strong competition.

"Whether or not I can win shall soon be decided, I have received good responses at events, and had a fair level of support, but at the same time I have seen strong support for rivals too. Either way I have really enjoyed travelling around and meeting members from many different regions, and partaking in some lively discussions."

Follow Ellie on Twitter - @ellie_vt

Tories take the lead in new Eastleigh Poll.

For the first time since the by election was called tbg can tonight reveal that the Conservatives have taken the lead in an opinion poll for the seat.

With the Lib Dems mired in scandal after scandal the poll by Survation tonight put's Maria Hutchings' Conservatives on 33%, the Lib Dems on 29%, UKIP on 21% and Labour on 13%.

Bookies have also slashed the odds on a Tory victory tonight.

On bookie told tbg that its now "too close to call" and that a Tory win would be a "disaster for his firm".

30% of those planning to vote Conservative are doing so "because of the candidate".

Quote of the Day

Former chief press spokesman for the Liberal Democrats Mark Littlewood on the Daily Politics - "Lord Rennard is a story in the Westminster bubble"

There may be a big pop when it bursts.

EXCLUSIVE: TBG Poll of Polls Shows Tory Youth Leader Three Horse Race.

tbg can reveal its conclusive Poll of Polls with information collected during Tory Youth election hustings for National Chairman.

Figures show the Conservative Future Leader Election, which is turning into a right humdinger, is locked in a 3 Horse race with Oliver Cooper leading Paul Holmes and Matt Robinson, respectively.

Poll of Polls:

Oliver Cooper 44%
Paul Holmes 27%
Matt Robinson 25%
James Deighton 4%


Oliver Cooper has the highest attendance rate at national election hustings and seems to have the lead but analysis of projected voting patterns is difficult due to abstentions.

Not included in these figures however were online polls which as far as tbg can tell are now all offline. They were:

The Old Lion (Oliver Cooper was leading), Dash Tory (Oliver Cooper was leading) and Conservative Companion (Paul Holmes was leading).

Simon Harley is Best Practice for Conservative Future.

tbg can today reveal it's backing Simon Harley for National Conservative Future Best Practice Officer. Simon has shown vision, purpose and desire with fine clarity on his website and in his manifesto.

Simon Harley has taken part in an exclusive tbg Q&A session where he reveals more about himself and his candidacy - including his desire for Cherry Pepsi Max.

What was on the cards for consumption this morning?

"Multiple mugs of coffee. I need at least two to wake up properly and set me up for the morning. Maybe a bowl of cereal, or else I'll get a sandwich from a local deli I frequent in town (a fantastic small business which is expanding)."

You’ve have a lot of life experience already reading your blog, how has all that shaped you?

"It's made me believe you can whatever you want to do so long as you persist, persist, persist. I'm a great listener, and I like helping people. I've also ended up with a perverse sense of humour and a truly vicious wit when the occasion calls for it. I'm also a strong Law and Order guy, although I'm not quite sure where that came from."

What do you do in your day-to-day life?

"See if my father needs anything when I get up, check emails and social media, see what news has broken whilst I slept. Head to work in town after a brisk walk through the countryside to the bus stop a mile away. Work is inventorying old British motorcycle parts – a filthy and often backbreaking job. Get back home, relax, see what else my dad needs doing. Do some reading, maybe watch some TV, call a friend. Hopefully get some naval history done. Exciting times!"

List your top three policies for the upcoming CF election? In your opinion.

"I want to properly define the role of Best Practice as the professional face of the National Executive, something analogous to General Counsel and Company Secretary on the boards of big companies.

"Constitutional Reform and making the constitution fit for purpose which allows us to look at; C.F.'s relationship with the Party, with the members, how the National Executive is organised and elected, and much, much more. We need a consultation with the members to sort out how we want this done.

"Massively expanding Best Practice literature so as to cover all subjects which are important to the running of Conservative Future; starting branches, campaigning, recruiting, using social media.

"Anyone in C.F. should be able to tap into the wealth of knowledge which we have accumulated through years of hard experience."

Simon, what is your favourite fizzy pop beverage?

"Cherry Pepsi Max. Has that extra something you just don't get from other sugar-free colas!"

Why do you want to be CF’s Best Practice Officer?

"Because I believe I'm the best qualified person for the job. It's still the least defined role on the National Executive and I want to make something of it that will benefit not just C.F. in the present but the Party and the Country in the long run.

"After all, we are the Conservative Future who one day will hopefully be running this country, be it in government, public service or in business. Best Practice is admirably well-placed to shape that course."

Who are you voting for CF National Chairman?

"In the immortal words of Number Two in The Prisoner, “that would be telling."

Howlett announces 'heavily subsidised' Tory Youth drinks reception.

Outgoing Conservative Future Chairman Ben Howlett has announced a deep pocket, grand drinks reception at a posh hotel located in a top secret location in Central London with the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

The event is set to take place on Wednesday 6 March 2013 at 18:00.

Tory Youth Leader Ben Howlett told tbg Conservative Future would be holding a - "Heavily subsidised drinks in a brilliant Central London Hotel which looks LOVELY."

Attend the event

Quote of the day.

Tory MP Michael Fabricant - "The Peace candidate in animated conversation with @MariaHutchings at @byelection. Looks like he might light a spliff."

Holmes slams smears and says he wants to protect Tory Youth members' data.

Paul Holmes (right) out in Eastleigh campaigning

Paul Holmes has issued a strong statement regarding the latest Conservative Future (CF) election story about a potential data leak of its members' email addresses.

Rejecting allegations of smearing and demanding answers Holmes repeats his credible commitment to a clean campaign and says his focus is on protecting CF members' data and ensuring fairness

"We committed to and continue to practice a clean and positive campaign. We have never smeared any candidates or issued any negative ads nor will we. But the campaign must be equal and if serious allegations arise they must be answered swiftly.

"Our focus has to be protecting the reputation of Conservative Future and the security of its members’ data. It is important that all candidates should be able to campaign on an equal footing and no one candidate should have any unfair advantage."

Cooper Scores a Hat-Trick!

Oliver Cooper scored a sensational hustings hat-trick today when he left North-East Tory Youth national election hustings in Durham victorious with 44% of the vote, tbg can reveal.

Oliver Cooper 44%
Matt Robinson 33%
Paul Holmes 17%
James Deighton 6%

The fiery debate was chaired by last years CF Chairman candidate Dominic McDonough and was hailed a huge success.

Oliver has claimed victory at the past three consecutive Conservative Future national election hustings, with Paul Holmes winning the first.

Callum Crozier was also successful during his hustings performance in the contest for North-East Regional Chairman.

Harley wants Tory history lectures for CF'ers.

Tory Youth Wing's Best Practice Officer Candidate Simon Harley has revealed he would like to introduce nation-wide Conservative history lectures. Harley plans to make the lectures accessible to as many CF'ers in the UK as possible, in association with the Conservative History Group.

Harley told tbg - "Yesterday I detailed my campaign pledge to massively expand Best Practice publications in time for the start of the next academic year. Today I'm pledging something completely different.

"My love of history is well-known, and I believe that Conservative Future can and should play a major part in educating our membership on the history of the Conservative Party. What this Party has achieved, both good and bad, has defined this country for better or for worse and the better we understand our history the better informed our future choices will be.

"Consequently I am proud to announce that I pledge to inaugurate a series of nationwide lectures on Conservative History for CF, in association with the Conservative History Group.

"Anything which educates our members is but a step in the right direction."

[READ] Harley: Maintaining a Historical Perspective

Cooper secures victory at Birmingham CF hustings.

Cooper in full flow (right) with contest rival James Deighton (left)

tbg can reveal that candidate for Tory Youth Chairman Oliver Cooper has romped to victory again this week in Conservative Future national election hustings in Birmingham.

Full results are as follows -

Chairman 23 votes:

Oliver Cooper (19) 83%
James Deighton (2) 9%
Paul Holmes (1) 4%
Matt Robinson (1) 4%

Paul Holmes and Matt Robinson didn't attend, although Paul did send a speech to be read out.

National CF Deputy Chairman (Political) 25 votes:

Stephen Canning (9) 36%
Rob Manning (9) 36%
Kris Burnett (5) 20%
Charlotte Argyle (2) 8%

Charlotte Argyle and Rob Manning didn't attend the hustings, though Rob, did too, send a speech.

National CF Deputy Chairman (Membership) 19 votes

Ellie Vesey-Thompson (13) 68%
Jasmine Rahman (4) 21%
Sarah Jane-Sewell (2) 11%
Gabriella Giles (0) 0%

Only Ellie Vesey-Thompson attended as Jasmine Rahman was still in hospital and had to pull out.

'Robinson Spam' targeted in new Tory Youth election attack ad.

A brand new attack ad has been uploaded anonymously online that targets Conservative Future Chairman candidate Matt Robinson's apparent spamming of Tory Youth Wing members and alerts them to a "data leakage", tbg can reveal.

The ad has been Live since last night and comes at the same time the Holmes campaign was attacked in an attack ad on slippery news-site London Spin.

[VIEW] Alert - King of Spam Ad

EXCLUSIVE: Stephen Canning stands for National CF Deputy Chairman Political.

Top CF'er and writer Stephen Canning has announced to tbg that he intends to run to become the Tory Youth Wing's next National Deputy Chairman (Political).

tbg caught up with Stephen for some tea and biscuits as he prepares for tonight's national election hustings in Birmingham.

Why are you launching your candidacy now?

"I’ve never been a fan of the long trailing campaign that takes place before nominations have even opened. It just seems to lead to candidates attacking one another at a time when we should be focused on other things. Today seemed like a perfect day as I’ll be attending the University of Birmingham CF’s hustings and it seems apt to launch a campaign that centers around moving decisions out of London and into a local level outside of London."

Your campaign seems to focus a lot on reducing the number of decisions taken at executive level, can you expand?

"Certainly, this is the main thrust of my campaign. I want to effectively strip away most of my own decision making powers if elected and hand those as far down the chain as I can. I do believe in national planning and a national framework as I have outlined briefly when I described my aims to create a national Conservative Future campaigning strategy but this national strategy must be built around the needs, demands and wants of local CF branches, areas and regions."

Who is your campaign team and when will we be seeing a manifesto from you?

"One of the thing I, and I believe others to, dislike about Conservative Future elections is the how they’ve become far too professionalised. Although this is an organisation many of us love and something that is very important to many of our members we must maintain a sense of perspective. We are running for election for the youth wing of a political party and not for President of the United States.

"I’ll try as much as can to have my campaign reflect that fact and as such I won’t be having a campaign team. Of course I’ll have friends who give me the odd piece of advice or help me organise an event but there’s no need to have such a professional set up - at the end we are in CF to enjoy being in CF and let’s not ruin that.

"Of course I’ll be launching a clear outline of exactly what I want to achieve and why I’ll be trying to achieve that and will hope to launch this in the next week. However my manifesto will be geared more around structural changes I wish to make than specific projects as my candidacy is very much centered around handing power down and only working on issues or projects that CF members actually want me to.

"For now my leaflet, available at outlines five key aspects of my candidacy, I’ll be participating in tonights University of Birmingham hustings and I’m always willing to answer questions via email at"

Canning4dcp Leaflet

EXCLUSIVE: Tory Youth members complain to CCHQ over data sharing scandal.

Robinson camp silent on emailgate

Yesterday tbg reported that some members were up in arms, today tbg has been informed that some Conservative Future members are apparently not at all happy about receiving unsolicited campaign material in their inbox and have taken their case to Conservative Campaign Headquarters.

After news exploded about unsolicited CF campaign emails on Twitter tbg was provided with a link by a CF member to an archived online version of the dodgy email, when we asked to see proof the material exists before any investigation was carried out into the public complaints on Twitter [READ].

tbg can reveal that candidates & members are confused, some angry, as to why they received a Matt Robinson campaign email when they never signed up for one. Some now say they will make official complaints to CCHQ over the issue.

Louisa Townson from UCL Conservatives has gone on record and told tbg - "Personally, I plan on complaining. I see no way Matt Robinson could have my email. I haven't signed up for anything, he hasn't even visited a UCL Tories event yet. Either he got my address through another CFer, which I'm personally uncomfortable with, or this is a CF mailing list violation."

CF'er Samantha Hoy told tbg - "When you look at bottom of email it has option to unsubscribe. When you click it says you have been removed from 'CF members' clearly and obvious breach here! Not impressed."

National Leader hopeful for the Tory Youth Wing Matt Robinson ignored questions on Tory Youth data privacy in his Live Q&A last night, which may make for a bumpy ride at tonight's hustings in Birmingham.


Former UKIP Youth Chairman:

UPDATE 14:54 - OFFICIAL COMPLAINT: Jennifer Salisbury Jones

Subject: Breaches of data protection - mailing lists

To whom it may concern,

I have recently received an email from Matt Robinson, a candidate for CF chair. I have never met Matt, and have certainly never given him my email address (nor to any other member of his campaign).

This is my university address, it is findable online but only if you look very hard, use unusual google operator functions or similar - this would take time, dedication and patience. I do not believe that Matt would have found the email this way (given the number of people emailed it would be an irrational amount of time to spend on one email).

Matt would have no reason to email me specifically as I have been actively and publicly helping the campaign of other candidates - this was a mass email - it used a mailing list.

Kindly look into this blatant breach of the data protection act. Matt's emailing of such a number of members will have given him a significant unfair advantage and such actions should not be tolerated.

Kind regards,

Jennifer Salisbury Jones



EXCLUSIVE: CF Chairman candidate James Deighton launches manifesto.

tbg can reveal that Tory Youth Wing candidate for Chairman is set to James Deighton launch his manifesto today, the same day as national election hustings are due to take place in Birmingham.

Deighton's manifesto states he will be a "Chairman not a President" and wants to run a nationally active Conservative Future (CF) Executive saying:

"I pledge to arrange ‘Meet the Chairman’ events in all the twelve regions, one taking place each month. I will hold quarterly national exec meetings in the regions. I will also co-ordinate national social and campaign events to coincide with these regional National Management Executive(NME) meetings."

Deighton also wants to give equal opportunities to NME elected members and give Best Practice the title of National Deputy Chairman:

"All the elected officers should be equal and given equal responsibilities. The Best Practice officer therefore should be a deputy chairman and considered as such. It makes no sense to undermine the authority of the fourth elected member of the NME who puts in as much effort as the others."

National CF Chairman candidate James Deighton also has ides for a quarterly CF Magazine, a twinning scheme for CF branches where strong established branches act as mentors and assist new or weaker branches, a yearly CF parliamentary rally to be held within the Palace of Westminster and redraft the CF constitution to put it to a vote at the next election.

"The right experience. The right choice.Your Conservative Future."

George Galloway MP walks out on debate because orator is Israeli.

[VIDEO 0 mins 55 secs]

Respect Party MP George Galloway has sensationally walked out of a debate at Oxford University saying - "Are you an Israeli? I don’t debate with Israelis. I've been misled sorry." As George Galloway MP walked out he commented -"I don't recognise Israel..."

Paul Charney, Chairman of The Zionist Federation said - "The incident shows a man consumed by hatred of Israel, who undermines freedom of speech as he fears his lies and demonisation of Israel being exposed."

Tory Youth Wing in #TeamJasmine Love Ad.

tbg has acquired the latest #CFelectsLove campaign ad.

The creator of the ad told tbg - "I'm a Jasmine supporter and have had enough of the negative comments by other camps. I'd like to change that by sending in a positive meme.

Kind of have a crush on her, made this after last weeks hustings when she talked about Fox Hunting!"

Robinson to Fight for his Political Career at Q&A Amid Emailgate Allegations.

Data sharing scandal in Tory Youth Wing elections

According to this years national elections Returning Officer CCHQ was not going to help candidates contact the electorate directly, saying - "You will be able to provide a profile which will be placed on the online voting site for voters to read. Other than that this will be the only way for you to officially communicate with the electorate, there will not be any official hustings."

It says at the bottom of Robinson's campaign email "You are receiving this email because you are a member of Conservative Future".

One may take from the Returning Officer's comments that every candidate would have to run a real grassroot campaign and create their own support base, through their own hard work and ability to sign supporters up to directly receive campaign material.

And understandably members tell tbg they don't want their emails available to campaigns they haven't signed up to.

So where did Robinson get his email lists?

As Matt Robinson is set to face a Live online CF Q&A session this evening, one CF'er has alerted tbg to a hashtag campaign on Twitter - #cfprivacyMATTers

[VIEW] Matt Robinson Live Q&A 7pm

The Old Lion ditches poll as Cooper takes the lead.

Robinson supporting blog OldLion.Net has sensationally ditched its flagship poll today after Oliver Cooper took the lead, tbg can reveal.

The poll is no longer featured on the website.

EXCLUSIVE: Questions over Matt Robinson's email lists.

CF'ers are up in arms today over an email sent by the Matt Robinson campaign.

One CF'er in an opposing election camp expressed he couldn't understand how he was on Matt's campaign email list having never recalled submitting his address - "I just got an email from him and I'm hardly going to be on his list".

More CF'ers Tweeted

Matt Robinson is beginning to have to rush to defend himself on Twitter.

All this raises the question where exactly did Matt Robinson get his email lists from? Well, it says at the bottom of the email "You are receiving this email because you are a member of Conservative Future".

A CF'er who wished to remain publicly anonymous approached tbg for comment -

"A lot of my members, and other CF'ers from different regions have been complaining about the fact that Robinson's camp have been sending emails, without asking permission to do so first.

"More importantly though, CF members are concerned and angry that Robinson can have access to the database, and other candidates can't. This is very unfair. The current Chairman should remain impartial."

[READ] Dodgy email


[READ] Robinson to Fight for his Political Career at Q&A Amid Emailgate Allegations

[READ] EXCLUSIVE: Tory Youth members complain to CCHQ over data sharing scandal

HOT MIC: Labour Council Leader calls a disabled voter 'difficult' and labels another 'troublemaker'.

[VIDEO - 0 mins 56 secs] Hot Mic

Labour Leader of Sunderland City Council Paul Watson has called a disabled voter "Difficult".

Watson also labelled another a "Troublemaker" whilst his microphone, right in front of him, picked up every reaction.

Tory Youth join 'No' campaign in historic Cardiff Student Union NUS referendum.

Cardiff Conservative Future are to campaign for a "No" vote in an historic Cardiff Students' Union NUS referendum. Voting on the issue will likely be held in March/April.

The official No2NUS campaign says on its website that it is independent of political parties. It makes points such as:

"The charming faces you see on this page are all members of parliament. They all voted in favour of tuition fees. And just a few years ago, they were all presidents of the National Union of Students. The most recent (Jim Murphy - Lab., Eastwood) left the job just three years ago. We cannot trust the present and future NUS leadership not to betray students in the same way."

"NUS is run by people who are members of political parties. Holding high office in NUS lets politicians through the backdoor into their own party's hierarchy. NUS decision-makers therefore have political agendas and the union is being abused by people who use it to feather their own political nests."

The Cardiff Tory Youth Wing CF have joined the "No2NUS" campaign and are facing fierce "Yes" campaign during the referendum fight.

tbg approached NUS President Candidate Peter Smallwood for comment. Peter was unavailable for comment.

Rowell launches Yorks & Humberside Tory Youth Chairman bid.

Following Sarah Nazer's announcement that she will not be seeking re-election for Yorkshire & Humberside Conservative Future, tbg can reveal that Chris Rowell wants to Lead the region.

In a statement to tbg Cllr Rowell says - "I'd like to announce my candidacy for Regional Chairman of Yorkshire and Humber CF. Sarah has been a truly excellent Chairman and will be a tough act to follow."

Rowell continued - "Those of you whom I've had the pleasure of working with in the party know I'm a committed campaigner, having organised several regional campaign days and attended many more.

"Should I be elected I will continue YHCF's Super Saturdays, providing a much needed boost to our candidates in marginal seats. We must also encourage our branches to hold their own campaign days and act in support of their associations. Elections aren't won in the weeks preceding them, but over months and years, by doing the groundwork early and keeping up the pressure.

"I have many other ideas for how we can improve Yorkshire CF and improve our chances in 2015, which I will share with you over the coming days."

[VIEW] Chris' campaign Facebook Page

Tory Scottish Unionist Kris Burnett sets out strong CF National Deputy Chairman credentials.

Yesterday tbg reported that Scottish Unionist Kris Burnett was about to enter the race for Conservative Future National Deputy Chairman (Political) via a well known Unionist blog. That did indeed come to fruition this morning.

Kris Burnett has set out his case to become the next CF Deputy Leader (Political) and tbg has the best bits, down below...

"As a proud Scottish Unionist, joining the Conservatives was a completely natural move for me. I joined the party as soon as I was able to, and now have over two years of relevant campaign experience with Worcestershire Conservative Future and as an enthusiastic party foot solider in Redditch alongside many local politicians, including Karen Lumley MP.

"This is what drives me and makes me politically active - to show Alex Salmond and the separatist cause that their opposition is UK-wide, and that living in England doesn't make me any less Scottish. Indeed, it makes me more proud of the fact. But living in England also makes me more active in the unionist cause, because I've witnessed first hand the true benefit of the British family of nations, and what it means to be drawn together by our differences rather than separated by them.

"In addition to my political activity, I'm also a Corporal in the Army Cadet Force. As a result I'm a passionate believer in our armed forces and strongly sceptical of defence cuts. It limited our responses in Libya and has further enhanced the military position of France on the world stage at our expense – as recently demonstrated in Mali."

"If elected, I will build improved links with Conservative Future Scotland and get active members from Conservative Future to key Better Together rallies and events so as to have a visible cross-organisation presence leading up to and during the 2014 referendum. As part of this, I'll look at the best way of providing some sort of travel subsidy to members from England looking to make the long trip to key Better Together gatherings. The campaign started years ago, and we need to finally get serious about it."

"On the armed forces, I think it's vital for Conservative Future to improve communication and events with serving members. This will help promote the path as an honourable career choice to those members who're considering it and make sure that any misconceptions are tackled head on. These messages will also show that we're not an anti-military party and that despite the cuts, we can work with them to create positive community links and establishments."

"Finally, I am sick of all the division and internal disputes within The Conservative Party. Of course we're all entitled to our disagreements –we'd be betraying ourselves if we merely put up and shut up – but in this day and age such public disputes make us look weak and tired. I would draw people together in these crucial pre-election and referendum times as a calming force and help revive our strength and security as a modern progressive political party and nurture the youth wing to be an active example of the positive yet cautious change that made this party so great.

"These are testing times for our country, and an informed Scottish voice in the national executive is therefore imperative if CF is to play its full part in the fight ahead. I'll also be active and vocal in my defence of the UK, and really drive home that unionism is a progressive force for good. So let me make it even clearer - a vote for me is your way of voting NO to independence and YES to the UK."

The Curious Case of 'Gavin Cook' & the Tory Youth Smear Campaign: Part Deux.

A day of U-Turns at The Old Lion

Many may remember tbg's first report on 'Gavin Cook' in January linking him to the Tory Youth Wing's smear campaign against candidate for National Chairman, Oliver Cooper.

'Gavin' today admitted that he indeed did create and distribute an advert about Oliver Cooper's 'links' with UKIP, in a vicious attack article over on The Old Lion.

In the statement on the Tory Youth Chairman candidate Matt Robinson's supporting blog, 'Gavin' shares quite a bit of knowledge and information about Oliver Cooper. Yet, nobody seems to know who this chap is from our investigations.

'Gavin Cook' could keep up with things online, though this political internet fiend & political attack ad guru doesn't seem to have a Facebook account and has only used Twitter on three occasions (up until today) since he joined in Jan 2013. Each time focusing his interaction with online Tory media outlets, Alexandra Swann, Paul Holmes and Oliver Cooper.

'Gavin' interacted with The Old Lion once before it was announced on the 18th of February he'd be in an interview with them. 'Gavin' interacted with tbg several times asking to publish his toxic material, he did not ask The Old Lion publicly on Twitter.

'Working Class Gavin' showed much support to Paul Holmes during his Twitter tirade in January, but in his attack article he calls on CF'ers to support any other of the three candidates. 'Cook' also backtracks on Cooper's links with UKIP saying - "To be clear, this is not about UKIP-links", even though that was the central focus of his smear campaign and criticism of Cooper on Twitter.

'Cook' becomes very personal and attacks Cooper's personality saying the CF Chairman candidate would bring a "cloak and dagger" atmosphere & culture, calling Oliver the "King of spin".

tbg would finally like to draw attention to the article text, assuming this was not a face-to-face interview, it reads as a statement, and no question was initially set, an anomaly seems to occur:

Old Lion:

'Gavin Cook':

The Old Lion U-turn on Zanu CF gagging order and savage Oliver Cooper.

OldLion.Net is serving up attack articles

After The Old Lion launched a scathing attack on theblueguerilla for rejecting the draconian gagging order on media about Tory Youth Wing elections, it seems the self-confessed Robinson supporting blog can't handle Zanu CF regulations, and looks as if they have dumped the agreement.

The website has recently published three ferocious attacks on National Chairman candidate Oliver Cooper. The first doctoring a photo lifted from tbg, showing a seemingly guilty Oliver Cooper during a hustings event when Paul Holmes held up an attack ad targeting his campaign.

Second, OldLion.Net published the recent Robinson attack ad, saying in the opening paragraph: "Despite promising to clean up his campaign, Oliver Cooper has stumbled back into old ways. Recently, a new attack ad emerged featuring Matt Robinson. The ad, which is cruder than previous offerings...".

The article goes on - "The negative campaigning has not been confined to 'attack ads', however. Mr Cooper recently targeted both Paul Holmes and Matt Robinson following Friday night's hustings, claiming they would 'ignore overseas alliances'" - publishing tbg's Twitter snap of the row also in the article.

The Old Lion said during its sensational attack on tbg, after we rejected the Zanu CF gagging order - "We don't have much respect for... the bizarre and sensationalist approach taken by tbg when reporting this site's decision not to publish these ads."

"The Blue Guerilla have form on this sort of thing. When they don't like something, they'll happily create pieces with outlandish statements. If anything, it speaks to their sense of self-importance."

" is not interested in entering into cheap spats with other sites. We would much rather work constructively with tbg in ensuring good quality news coverage for all CF members."

"The approach that tbg took was unexpected and, some may venture, a little childish. Hopefully tbg can adopt a more sober approach in future."

The third fierce attack on Cooper by The Old Lion is from (tbg featured) - 'The Curious Gavin Cook'. tbg will bring you more on 'Gavin's' anti-Cooper frenzy, later.


[READ] The Curious Case of 'Gavin Cook' & the Tory Youth Smear Campaign: Part Deux

EXCLUSIVE: Kris Burnett set to launch CF National Deputy Leader Political bid.

tbg can exclusively reveal that top Scottish CF'er and Unionist, Kris Burnett, has decided to stand for the position of National Deputy Chairman (Political) in the upcoming Tory Youth Wing elections.

Burnett is from Scotland, but currently lives in Redditch and serves as the Treasurer of Worcestershire Conservative Future.

Sources say he will be officially announcing his candidacy this Thursday through a "well-known Unionist blog" and has been trying to keep his announcement under-wraps.

However, tbg can also reveal that Burnett will be running on a platform of grassroots Unionism. He is also against the armed forces cuts and wants to hammer home the need for Party unity in the face of the 2014 Scottish referendum and 2015 General Election.

Burnett is set to use the following message in his campaign - "At National Level, CF needs a bold new face to carry the Unionist Conservative agenda in their politics. Who better than young Scottish Tory, Kris Burnett?"

Sources have told tbg Kris Burnett will be present at the West Midlands hustings this coming Friday in Birmingham.

[VIEW] Kris Burnett's campaign Facebook Page

EXCLUSIVE: Ross Butcher to challenge for South East CF Chairman.

tbg can exclusively reveal that Mole Valley, Epsom & Ewell Chairman Ross Butcher is to stand for South East Regional Conservative Future Chairman.

Ross told tbg - "I'm standing to make the South East regional again and not just an extension of London CF. I also believe that the position of Regional Chairman should be about support, communication but most of all being a voice for every person from the South East from Oxford to the Isle of Wight."

"I'm 29 now so this isn't 'another rung on a ladder' for me. This is my last chance to make a real difference to our members and our success"
he added.

Butcher will challenge James Morton, who has also thrown his hat into the ring as revealed in an interview with tbg in January [READ].

Follow Ross on Twitter - @RossButcher83

[VIEW] Butcher campaign website -

EXCLUSIVE: Nabil Najjar wants to Lead London Conservative Future.

tbg can reveal that London Conservative Future (CF) Deputy Chairman Nabil Najjar has announced his intention to stand for Chairman of London CF.

Najjar disclosed his candidacy to tbg saying - "I would like to officially announce my candidacy for Chairman of London Conservative Future, at the upcoming CF elections. Yesterday I officially submitted my forms to CCHQ, which were subsequently approved."

Nabil Najjar's manifesto is on his website which includes a pledge to get CF'ers elected:

Najjar's manifesto says - "The best way for Conservative Future to advance its reputation is to ensure its membership reach positions of responsibility. In order to ensure this, I am keen to run a campaign to make sure as many CFers as possible areselected to fight upcoming council seats at the 2014 London Borough Council Election.

"I want to see a CF'er standing for council in every Borough in London, and this is an achievable aim."

Nabil told tbg - "London CF has done some outstanding things in the past two years, helping Boris achieve re-election, organising a variety of great events, and winning a series of awards from the Party, including a National Excellence Award.

"However there is still much to do. We need to work hard to ensure a positive result at the upcoming London Borough Council Elections, as well as the 2015 General Election, and we need to continue to provide our members with even better events and opportunities. London CF needs an experienced Chairman to make this happen.

"Having previously worked in Parliament, I spent fifteen months as Youth Campaign Director for Boris Johnson's re-election campaign, and currently manage the political office of Government adviser and ex-SpAd to the Prime Minister, Shaun Bailey.

"Alongside this, I am currently running for Council in the flagship Conservative Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, and have spent the last year as Deputy Chairman of London CF. I am confident that I can continue to steer LCF forward, and further cement its position as the best and most effective CF region in the Country."

[VIEW] Campaign Website & manifesto

Follow Nabil on Twitter - @nabilnajjar1

Conservative Future Leader candidates in Twitter row.

This time on actual policy, hurrah!

tbg can reveal that the three leading candidates for the Tory Youth Brigade's top job have sensationally been in a Twitter bust up, over policy.

Paul Holmes and Matt Robinson have strongly attacked comments made by their rival, Oliver Cooper, a few days ago via social networking.

Cooper's Twitter feed says that during hustings his rival candidates, Holmes and Robinson, said they told Tory Youth hustings to "ignore overseas alliances", a claim that has been strongly denied.

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