Yes, still cleaning up Labour's mess.

How typical and smug of Liam Byrne to oppose the government cap on benefits.

This is the very man who left the note saying that there was no money left when the last Labour Government were finally turfed out of office.

Its Mr Byrne's mess that this government is clearing up in the public interest.

How can you have a situation where as people getting up early in the morning to strive for a living face a pay freeze where as people behind the closed curtains get a benefits increase?

When Labour left office the vast majority of people on tax credits did no work at all and millions were lost to fraud and error.

Under the coalition not only is the mess finally being cleared up but fairness is finally being restored to the British strivers way of life which is exactly why I commend these changes and commend Iain Duncan Smith and his team for finally doing the right thing by standing up for the tax paying and law abiding citizens of our United Kingdom.