Vote Paul Holmes Conservative Future National Chairman.

Paul Holmes must be the Young Tories choice to become their next Leader.

Displaying a relentless maturity & professionalism CF has seriously lacked over the past decade, tbg believes Paul Holmes is the man to take CF up to the next level of success.

tbg will take a leaf out of Holmes' book and not use this article to attack but have a serious constrictive message as after an over-arching period of 5 years reporting exclusively on Tory Youth politics, this website will begin to mature over the next few months & years and investigate what those pesky seniors are up to aswell.

With over a decade of experience in Tory politics tbg, along with others that have featured in the past on theblueguerilla, have toughed it in the bad times having been spat on and called a Nazi Tory - if that political theory is even possible. Knowing we really are not horrible, or 'nasty' at all - in fact quite the opposite, or we wouldn't even bother.

But don't think bad of it, those experienced elder (ex-)CF members are now wise beyond their years in Tory terms. They now know what is required in the Youth Wing and the Senior Wing to win elections on the ground in 21st century modern Britain.

Holmes began his campaign in November and with a relentless attitude he'll hopefully show as Chairman, has ploughed on engaging with membership and the Tory Party as a whole without breath. His personal & campaign Twitter feed is alive with comment, debate and updates. All of his campaign tools show a seriousness to Lead. Paul is keen and willing to be held account every month in a Questions to The Chairman event on social network being accessible to members nationwide.

tbg has seen them come and go, some successful some not so, from Bristow and Vaughn to Mark Clarke and Michael Rock. The truth is CF has now reached a glass ceiling, it can't go any further in it's current form, a form which has served for a decade, a form being offered by all the other candidates.

Paul Holmes can break that glass ceiling with innovative ideas for organisational re-structure to cut national and regional bureaucracy so CF can work more efficiently and not have so many pointless, unchallenged, grandstanding positions whilst empowering & supporting local branches.

Small & streamlined government is good government, the same must apply to any organisation. And those in position must be the best with mentoring programmes being offered between MPs, AMs, Councillors and leading Conservative think tanks - Preparing to fight a very tough General Election in 2015 with strong & steady Conservative voices.

tbg would very much like to see the next Chairman move CF on from its student like approach to politics and push boundaries as a more substantial, mature campaign tool for the Conservative Party not afraid to; campaign for modern Britain in modern Britain.

Recent #OllyShambles events should solidify in any Conservatives' mind that UKIP is not a place for them and has no place in modern Britain.

Holmes plans outreach programs, encouraging more interest from black, ethnic & diverse communities. Some may scoff, but around the country so many of these communities openly share Conservative values yet we allow the Left to take advantage, creating hatred with lies. This must change, it can change and we can make in-roads under a Paul Holmes Chairmanship.

Paul Holmes can lead the Tory Youth brigade on all this and seems determined to have solid branches and a steady hand in all 40 winnable seats in 2015 saying he will - "Plan and organise productive campaigning sessions throughout the year & facilitate visits to the marginal seats from central locations in the North and South." Paul will also setup Q&As with the MP or prospective parliamentary candidate" in those constituencies.

Paul Holmes had an exclusive interview with tbg this afternoon and said - "I welcome TBG’s endorsement, which is hopefully in recognition of our hard work over the past three months; to run a clean and positive campaign that articulates our vision for Conservative Future, not Coalition Future, and why we deserve a chance to get stuck in.

TBG has followed us since our launch on 8 November through to the recent announcement of our commitments (Contract with You). From the publication of our manifesto (Working Better, Together), detailing our Social Outreach Programme, to our growing support base.

There’s still much more to do to ensure the right team is in a place to deliver that number one goal: a Conservative majority in 2015. We will support you, listen to you and be your voice in CCHQ, the party and media while becoming a powerful and fulfilling organisation for many years to come.

This South London council estate lad and my good friend, a born-and-bred Nottinghamshire lass who hasn’t followed the same route into politics as most, Charlotte Argyle, will do our upmost to empower the grassroots, and that certainly includes regional chairmen, to achieve their aspirations."

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