Vote Callum Crozier for North East CF Chairman.

In our second endorsement this week tbg is backing rising star Callum Crozier for North East Chairman.

tbg believes Crozier has articulated his vision extremely well and will be an asset to the North-East.

We like these ideas in particular:

Engage with Young People

"North East Conservative Future now needs to begin investing our efforts in engaging with, and involving young people across the North East. The objective of becoming further integrated with communities of young people will inevitably expand our power of influence as a political organisation, and further begin to increase the potential number of new members.

This is essentially taking North East Conservative Future into the next stage of evolution; finally developing from the strictly internal Conservative Party organisation as current, to a youth Party Political organisation representing the best interests of all young people."

Crozier plans to on holding social events for non-members, hosted by members. Introducing Consultations and Focus Groups for and with young people. Improvising a Youth Engagement sub-committee, chaired by the Deputy Chairman Membership, to focus on engaging CF with wider communities of young people

The manifesto also promises - "Frequently organise Social Action projects across the North East, such as Community Clean-Ups, helping the elderly, and painting allotments. Establish links with charities across the Region and begin to work with them in order to fulfill their objectives. Organise our very own fundraising events and sponsorship methods in aid of charitable organisations."

Callum yesterday announced he is backing Paul Holmes for Conservative Future Chairman saying on Twitter - "It is with great pleasure that I can now officially announce my support for @pauljholmes for National CF Chairman! #voteholmes #cfelects"

[READ] Complete Callum Crozier manifesto for North-East CF on his website.