UKIP speculate over Cooper defection.

UKIP Head of Press (left) Oliver Cooper (right)

Suspicion and rumour continue to dog the Cooper campaign. tbg has received yet more images of Conservative Future Chairman "hopeful" Oliver Cooper mingling with top UKIP officials.

This time it's former Tory Youth come UKIP'er Alexandra Swann speculating on Twitter.

The anonymous source said - "Once again Cooper’s close relationship with the UKIP hierarchy is laid bare for all to see.

"Is it really just a coincidence that the Daily Mail article, which quoted UKIP, included a photograph of Nigel Farage, and called CF a failed institution, also backed Oliver Cooper for the CF leadership? No other candidate has spent so much time with an opposition party, especially one which has done so much damage to CF in the last 12 months."

Former YI (UKIP Youth) Chairman Olly Neville told tbg - "OliverCooper is the number 1 CFer YI would want but from experience I know he wont. of CF only OliverCooper could give a decent argument against UKIP. He was the only one who ever concerned me to debate against."

Scrutiny over Cooper's loyalties continue even though Cooper himself thoroughly denies such allegations and cites his public debates against UKIP.