UKIP has become a 'Cult' says its ex-Deputy Leader.

UKIP's former Party Chairman and Deputy Leader has attacked the Party for being a one man band. David Campbell-Bannerman MEP told London Loves Business:

"What is concerning about UKIP is it has become very much a one-man band and a bit of a cult. There is a followership and even the constitution has been changed to favour pro-leader candidates. I don’t think that’s healthy" [sic].

Campbell-Bannerman rejoined the Tories in 2011. His comments to London Loves Business came soon after David Camerons' EU speech that promised a referendum on EU membership.

Campbell-Bannerman went on to savage UKIP saying are a "pressure party", they use "votes to bring pressure on the single issue of the EU". Campbell-Bannerman praised Cameron’s move for "taking the EU issue away from UKIP, saying "it will make life difficult for UKIP".

"There are a number of UKIP MEPs who should be deeply worried about the future" - said the MEP whilst adding that UKIP should stop "getting in the way" and give the Conservatives their support.

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