Tory Youth members fear #OllyShambles sequel.

Tory Oliver Cooper (right) at event next to former UKIP Youth Council Membership Chairman (left).

Questions continue to be raised over Oliver Cooper's potential bid to become Conservative Future (CF) Chairman. Concerns about Oliver Coopers links with UKIP as well as accusations of a 'rogue' National Chairman bid have come to the fore.

One CF member told tbg - "Cooper is telling CF'ers that he regularly criticises UKIP, when in fact behind the scenes he’s cosying up to them. Most of his inner circle from the Liberty League have already jumped ship, so you have to ask why he hasn’t followed them over there yet?"

Another member of the Tory Youth wing said - "We shouldn’t forget that last year Young Independence managed to get Alexandra Swann the Deputy of CF to defect.

"Would it be rude to suggest they are plotting to get the next CF Chairman to do the same? If they succeed then we are finished. We have to act now to avoid #OllyShambles the sequel."

Scrutiny over Cooper's loyalties will probably go on for as long as the CF election campaign rumbles to its conclusion in March and continue to be used as a tool by his opponents.

Cooper himself laughs off such allegations and proudly shines light upon his twitter debating skills against UKIP, and amongst others.