Tory chairwoman slams gay marriage and warns of consequences.

The Conservative Party's Council Chair' in Surrey, Lavinia Sealy, has ripped into plans to legalise gay marriage seeming to imply an ignorance toward our "natural beings" and "history of humanity".

Sealy sensationally claimed - "It is not a question of religion, it is a question of our natural beings... It’s a question of being educated about our whole humanity, the history of humanity. Playing around with that just from the point of view of an equalisation doesn’t make sense for families and for children"

The Surrey Chairman went on - "You could go on to have more than one partner, you could marry and decide you’re gay after all and change, and people do that (already) but is (gay marriage) encouraging it?"

In the explosive article on Surrey Heath Residents blog Sealy also said that children growing up and emerging from gay couples was "very questionable indeed".