Sacked UKIP Youth Leader to make 'biggest comeback since Lazarus'.

Apparently Olly Neville wants to be YI Chairman again

tbg sources can confirm that an Olly Neville last ditch fight in on.

Sources close to the sacked Young Independence (YI) Chairman (Youth Wing of UKIP), for his support on gay marriage, say that if UKIP bosses allow Olly Neville to stay in the Party he plans to run for Young Independence again.

Sources told tbg that Neville says it has "all happened so fast that he's still slightly reeling from it. What with starting a new job this week he hasn't had the time to sit down and think about the big implications, something that he will have to do soon."

Everything UKIP do is apparently making Olly more and more disillusioned especially since Richard Lowe was removed from his Parliamentary Candidate role yesterday for his support on gay marriage in a letter to a news paper. Now YI sources say that it is rumoured that UKIP Chairman "Steve Crowther pushed Chester Branch to remove Richard as PPC".

Sources also say that - "As far as Olly is aware no disciplinary action has been taken against him, and he remains a member on UKIP in good standing so would be eligible to run for YI Chairman whenever the next elections are. Biggest comeback since Lazarus? Who knows."