UKIP face revolt as sacked Youth Leader may be 'forced out of the Party'.

UKIP on the brink

tbg sources have confirmed that talks are ongoing between Olly Neville and UKIP bosses about his future in the Party that seems to be under siege at the moment.

tbg sources says that statements are to be released tomorrow, first from the UKIP chairman, then the current YI council, followed by members'.

One source from inside UKIP YI Council revealed to tbg - "I've been told 2-3 big wigs are going tomorrow. Who? No idea. However, if Olly is forced out, watch this protest turn into a revolt."

Another member of UKIP Youth, YI, said - "If they get rid of Olly they're going to see a lot of members leave for good, but its looking like he's going to be forced out of the Party."

It is likely that disciplinary proceedings are being undertaken as the Partys' Rule book states:

"The Executive Council, acting by simple majority, may refer disciplinary matters to the Party’s disciplinary committee where:

The Council feels a member has brought Young Independence into disrepute;
A member is wilfully acting against the interests of Young Independence, or
Representations are made to the Council concerning individuals."

However, another YI member has told tbg - "Olly didn't break those rules. It clearly states (in the rules) he's allowed to speak freely if he makes it clear it's a personal view, which he did. Olly didn't bring the Party into disrepute until AFTER he'd been kicked out as Chairman."

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