Rochdale estate labelled as Britain's welfare ghetto capital.

It comes as absolutely no surprise to me that once again the Falinge area of Rochdale is being highlighted in the national media as Britain's welfare ghetto capital.

This in itself simply underlines how the last Labour Government failed this area of Britain.

The fact that there are 902 jobs in the local job centre at the same time as so many people's talents are rotting away is a disgrace and just shows how the poverty trap has really taken a grip.

I moved to the same area of Lancashire two months ago yet with only my postal experience to my name yet it took me two days to get a job.

In Falinge seven per cent of people have never worked, 72% are unemployed and 82 per cent claim benefits.

This is a national disgrace and underlines how people who do not work have got it too easy living off the state.

For the last two years I have personally been advising David Cameron how to deal with this sort of thing in the national media and through Conservative Party forums.

And believe me, Mr Cameron is on the right road with the right policies but needs to go much further.

He is absolutely right to re-assess everyone claiming sickness benefits because as figures have shown, the vast majority of them are capable of some kind of work.

He is absolutely right to keep a check on every job seeker through the internet because the something for nothing culture must end.

But we must do more like make all benefits claimants pay 20 per cent of their rent and council tax out of their benefits and pay the remainder of social security payments in the form of vouchers instead too so that it cannot be wasted on beer, fags and take aways.

True, life is tough on benefits but far from making it easier like Labour did, the answer is making it tougher and pay to work too.

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