Robinson to announce pledge & principles tonight.

Matt's bid to lead Tory Youth begins in earnest

This morning Matt Robinson announced his long awaited bid to lead the Tory Youth brigade and become Conservative Future National Chairman, as revealed he would on tbg in December.

This evening at 5PM the Buckingham Arms on 62 Petty France, Westminster in London, will host Matt Robinsons' first presentation as a candidate. Robinson will announce his first pledge upon a set of principles he believes should underpin how the Tory Youth National Executive operates over the next year.

Matt has spent this morning in Wirral campaigning for Ian Lewis in a key-marginal council by-election. In a press release to tbg earlier today Robinson says:

"I'm exited to be putting my name forward for Conservative Future National Chairman. I shall soon be releasing my commitments to Conservative Future members if I am elected as National Chairman, with my belief in local control of members at a Branch, Area and Regional level at the forefront."

Robinson has served two terms as Regional Chairman for Northern Ireland In February 2011, Matt was elected and again in December 2011. Outside his voluntary Party commitments, Matt is currently undertaking his professional legal practice studies in London.

Matt grew up in Hillsborough, County Down, and joined the Conservative and Unionist Party in 2007. While living in Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and England, he has served in Branch, Regional, and National positions in Conservative Future over the past 5 years.

You can follow Matt on Twitter - @matrobinson - or 'Like' his campaign on Facebook.