Robinson accused of 'establishment stitch-up'.

Recent revelations about Oliver Cooper and Paul Holmes have sensationally led to Matt Robinson being stood accused of being a stooge involved an establishment stitch up against his rivals in the race for Conservative Future National Chairman.

A source from a rival camp told tbg that Matt Robinson will not break the London-centric cycle and is a South-West Londoner who lives with current two-term Chairman Ben Howlett.

"Matt Robinson is a stooge of Ben Howlett. How can he call the other candidates London centric - he lives in South West London - actually as a housemate of current CF National Chairman Ben Howlett.

"This seems to me to clearly be an establishment stitch up to discredit the other candidates. And whilst we're on the subject - how can a SW London boy be Regional Chair' of Northern Ireland CF?"

Revelations of a current candidate for National Chairman living with the current Chairman are sure to fuel speculation that Robinson and Howlett are in cahoots. With the people at the top and their mandem trying to prevent those who want to make a breakthrough onto the National Executive from doing so.

Robinson recently released his Pledge of Principles signed by other election candidates standing for different positions on the Conservative Future National Executive.